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Cholesterol Lowering Food

You need to include specific cholesterol lowering food in your diet but especially if your cholesterol is already high.

If you do not do add the proper foods for lowering cholesterol you may increase your risk of a heart attack or even a stroke.

You may already be aware that if you lower cholesterol naturally you may have a longer life because of dropping a lot of excess body fat and improving your overall heart health.

It is important to remember however that it is not just your diet that determines how much cholesterol you have.

There are many other factors to consider as well.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the basic food you can eat that can be considered, for various reasons, as cholesterol lowering food.

Keep in mind that that are in no particular order of importance.

Cholesterol Lowering Food # 1: Soup

In general most soups, specially bouillons and consommés are low calorie products and do not have much fat.

In addition to most of them not having any additional cholesterol some other benefits include that they are very quick to prepare and will warm you up quickly when it‘s very cold. 

While soup manufacturers make almost every type and flavour of that could ever imagine, the best ones to use as foods for lowering cholesterol are the low-fat, low sodium ones, various types of veggie soups including broth, and the ones you do not have to add any milk to.

"Tips For Cholesterol Lowering Food
Such As Soup"

If you are eating home made soup or store bought soup you should always make sure you take all fat out that is floating on the top

It is an easy thing to do. You can put the soup in the fridge then scrape fat off the top of it when it cools.

All health experts with the knowledge on how to lower cholesterol naturally advocate using key cholesterol lowering vitamins in tandem with with cholesterol lowering food since it is more than just the food you eat that affects your cholesterol levels.

If you use a dry prepared soup mix you will find that they are already low-fat but you can use the same method of removing any fat you may be concerned with to lower cholesterol naturally.

Most types of veggie soups are already fairly low in fat and cholesterol and are not much of a concern. However, try to choose a low-salt version of these types of soup as some brands tend to be quite high in sodium.

Cholesterol Lowering Food # 2: Red Meat

Most types of red meat have a fair bit of fat and some cholesterol.

When you buy meat it will usually come with fat still on it. This is left on to add extra flavour while cooking and to make it cost a little more due to the extra weight.

Always try and trim the as much fat as you can before you start cooking the meat. Another thing you can do is to drain fat while you are cooking it.

Of course if you buy ground meat you can’t remove any fat so always make sure you look for extra lean ground meat.

Remember that any type of ground beef that is labelled as being from prime or choice cuts that it will be higher in fat than other types.

While it is ok now and then to eat meat such as bacon or sausages keep in mind that you will be eating extra fat and cholesterol as well, there’s no way around it.

Cholesterol Lowering Food # 3: Fish

Fish not only tastes great but a lot of it will give you additional health benefits. Fish contains essential fatty acids that are critical for good health.

Most fish does not contain very much bad fat at all and usually any will be removed when you cook it. If you are looking specifically for a low fat fish then try haddock or flounder or if you want, you can use tuna canned in water. Salmon is one of your best choices if you are concerned with increasing your intake of essential fatty acids.

Fish is an extremely good source of high quality protein.

The only downside with fish is that depending on where it is from it can contain a lot of different contaminants that it will absorb from the water. 

Cholesterol Lowering Food # 4: Chicken and Turkey

Both of these will provide you with an excellent source of protein. The darker meat does contain more fat than the rest of the bird but it’s still ok to take a bit now and then. And since it does contain more fat it has a lot more flavour.

Cholesterol Lowering Food # 5: Eggs

Nowadays most eggs and egg products are quite low in cholesterol and are healthy for you and this includes the yolk. The white of the eggs is entirely all protein and no cholesterol so they are a perfect choice for most people wanting to improve their health.

Cholesterol Lowering Food # 6: Milk & Yogurt

When it comes to milk your best choice would be skim milk.

Milk is one of the best ways to increase your protein intake and it can be used in many different ways from drinking it to adding it to cereals and using it in baking.

Yogurt is also an excellent food to consume.

Try however, to stick to the low-sugar or plain types as they are the best.

However, there isn‘t anything wrong with taking a fruit yogurt now and then either.

Cholesterol Lowering Food # 7: Cheese

Always make sure you eat lower fat cheese and avoid the rest. One of the best types of cheese to eat for both health and fitness is cottage cheese.

Foods For Lowering Cholesterol # 8: Vegetables

Any and all vegetables are great for any diet low in cholesterol. Make sure you try to stick to fresh veggies and don’t cover them with butter or any fat filled dressing.

Foods For Lowering Cholesterol # 9: Fruit

As with veggies most types of fruit can be eaten daily. Even coconut, which is higher in fat, can be eaten. It provides a lot of health benefits. You can eat fruit as a dessert following your meal.

Cholesterol Lowering Food # 10: Salads and Salad Dressings

Again always try to incorporate the freshest veggies possible. They taste better and are crispier. The only way to add fat to your salad is to do just that…add fat in salad dressings and other toppings. It ruins all the benefits you are trying to get from a salad if you do this.

Try adding different types of fruit to your salad. When using salad dressing it’s very important to only use non-fat ones all the time.

Cholesterol Lowering Food # 11: Cereal

A lot of types of cereal are good for you but there are so many that should be avoided at all costs. The countless high sugar cereals in most supermarkets should never be considered.

The good ones are very nutritious and can help your heart health. You will find the best benefits from the dry cereals but some cooked ones are good as well.

For extra taste again add in some fruit. Many cereals are also a very good source of many different types of vitamins and minerals.

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