What Prostate Supplements Do You Really Need?

There are a few natural ingredients in certain prostate supplements that are becoming quite popular in the treatment of an enlarged prostate.

This is due to the fact that a lot of research into things like saw palmetto among others, over the years and has shown great promise.

Lets first take a look at what is contained in some good prostate remedies:

Pumpkin Seeds:

There has been a lot of discussion for years now concerning the health benefits of plain old pumpkin seeds! In fact, so much has been said of them that at times it seems a little too hard to believe.

So just why is it that pumpkin seeds are said to have such a dramatic effect on an enlarged prostate?

First of all, pumpkin seeds contain a fatty oil that can help to increase your urine flow. But what if anything does a good urine flow have to do with your prostate?

First, in addition to having a positive effect on your urine flow, pumpkin seeds have up to 8 mgs of zinc.

Many doctors suggest taking around 60 mgs of zinc on a daily basis to help prevent an enlarged prostate. Keep in mind though, this amount of zinc is much more than the daily recommended value so always check with your doctor first.

Many studies on zinc over the years have proven that it can indeed decrease the size of your prostate. The pumpkin seeds contained in natural prostate remedies also contain high amount of the amino acids: alanine, glycine and glutamic acid.

"Prostate Supplements Work!"

Research has shown that men who take types of supplements that contain these amino acids showed a significant relief of their prostate condition.

Saw Palmetto And Prostate Remedies:

There has been a lot of evidence in European countries that certain plant medicines are very good at treating BPH and that most people who use them experience positive results.

One of the most widely used of these so-called prostate supplements is saw palmetto. Some of the reported positive effects of saw palmetto include: an improved urinary flow, a lessening of urine left in your bladder and a less of a need to urinate on a frequent basis.

Saw palmetto is a small sized palm tree and grows in areas of the United States. History shows that the Seminole Indians ate saw palmetto as food.

It's been said that the reason saw palmetto and prostate supplements work so well is because the saw palmetto has a substance that converts testosterone into dihydrotestosterone. This helps to stop the transformation of the testosterone.

prostate supplements

One Of The Very Best Prostate Remedies

Dozens of studies have shown that saw palmetto supplements are very effective. In one such research project a more than 2000 men in Germany noticed a dramatic reduction in symptoms after a daily dose of saw palmetto seeds.

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