It May Be 100% Natural But Can The 48 Hour Hollywood Diet Do Anything For Fat Loss?

This very popular diet known as the 48 Hour Hollywood Diet claims to be an exclusive "Miracle Juice" scientifically formulated so that in just a couple days you can cleanse your body and drop up to ten pounds.

Well sorry to say, but the only 10 pounds you will lose or can lose on the diet is a combination of mostly water with some muscle loss.

When you lose muscle you slow down your metabolism.

When this happens you will gain more fat.

Even if the bathroom scale says you have lost weight, you are actually fatter than you were before because your body fat percentage goes up.

You will never lose 10 pounds of fat or even 1 pound of fat in 48 hours on this hollywood miracle diet or any other diet for that matter, it's physiologically impossible.

The hollywood liquid diet, if you can even call it a diet, claims to have been created to give your internal body a "break" by washing away unhealthy toxins and fat, and giving your digestive system a much needed break.

The diet itself may be 100% natural and have a special blend of essential fruits, vitamins minerals, antioxidants and essential oils, but that means nothing.

This diet, as with most that are heavily marketed online, has nothing to do with fat loss, or even healthy weight loss. If you are on any type of fasting diet you need to take extra vitamins as you will lose a lot out of your body especially with the 48 hour hollywood diet.

The makers say the secret lies in the special formula of all natural fruits and purees, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and essential oils that have been scientifically researched and formulated to detoxify your body, and achieve dramatic weight loss in just two days.

The 48 hour hollywood liquid diet supposedly disrupts your regular food intake while cleansing your digestive system and activating your bodies internal "fat burning furnace".

It has also been stated that it was formulated to help restore the biochemical and mineral balance in your tissues and cells, and assimilate vital trace elements, enzymes and minerals into your blood stream without straining your digestive system.

The manufacturer wants it to become your grocery store and replace all food for two days. Well, doing this will allow your body to lose significant amounts of water in a short period of time along with some precious muscle.

The hollywood diet is definitely not a solution to your weight loss problems. If you lose any body weight at all on this diet you'll gain the weight back in a flash plus a whole lot extra (due to your metabolism slowing down) while making your wallet significantly lighter.

Nothing should possess anyone to buy a $25US bottle of juice. The diet is nothing more than a 2-day juice fast. Fasting like this is a not healthy or beneficial at all and it could actually be harmful.

The 48 hour hollywood diet is just a combination of water, pineapple, orange, grape, and some other juices, along with some added vitamins and minerals. You can save your money and just make the same thing at home and take a multi vitamin and you'd get the same result.

"The Bottom Line On The 48 Hour Hollywood Diet"

If you have ever been on a diet like this you should immediately start taking a complete multi vitamin / mineral supplement to repair any damage to your body that may have occurred.

Take The Best Multi Vitamins If You Use Any Diet Like The Hollywood Liquid Diet

You need to replace vital nutrients immediately. Even after reading this information on the 48 hour hollywood diet there are still some people who will go out and try it.

If that's the case, then again at the very least start taking a high quality multi vitamin / mineral supplement. You must use additional supplements.

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