Tips And Techniques For
Perfect 6 Pack Abs

A great physical appearance and 6 pack abs go hand-in-hand. A nice mid-section can be obtained with many different types of workouts.

Unfortunately, the problem is finding good exercises that will actually give you the 6 pack you want.

Here you will learn the truth about six pack abs and unique abdominal exercises that are easy to use and will help you achieve the abs you've wanted for a long time.

You'll also find very important tips and techniques on how to perform each one for maximum results.

There are tons of workouts that fitness experts suggest for your ab muscles in order to try and sculpt them or at least develop them to a point where you can actually see them.

Sorry to say but very few of the suggested exercises and routines you read about or see on television can assist you in your quest for the ultimate 6 pack abs.

We will sort through the piles of misinformation for you and put you on the right track!

"What You Need To Know Right Now
About 6 Pack Abs"

Lean, muscular 6 pack abs are probably the most sought-after goal for any fitness and exercise program. Good abdominals are also critical to your body core and over-all physique development.

Most people who have obtained impressive 6 pack abs have done so by working very hard over a long period of time. Remember, nothing works over night, it takes dedication and commitment.

6 pack abs

The best development you achieve will come from using specific and very effective exercises in conjunction with the ideal nutrition and supplement program that works best for your personal situation and abilities.

Listen, the truth about six pack abs and the reason you're here is that you want visually stimulating abdominals. To do this you need to lose fat, build muscle definition and use your ab workouts to their fullest advantage.

It's a fact that everyone wants either strong abs, visually appealing abdominal muscles or both. Hopefully you'll take the information we provide you with on this page and use it.

Before we continue, you have to realize this fact and the truth about six pack abs: there are absolutely no ab workouts or exercises that can remove body fat directly from your mid section.  

Exercises that directly involve your ab muscles will help to build strength and a visually appealing core so that after you have burned the layer of fat covering them you will be able to see your 6 pack abs.

It's unfortunate but true, no abdominal exercises, machines, etc. you see in infomercials, in magazines or in your gym will burn any fat from your stomach.

"Key Exercises For
Six Pack Abdominals"

Floor Crunch:

With floor exercises like this you need to lie down with your back flat against the floor. Bend your knees and put your feet up on a raised surface such as a box or bench.

Always make sure that your neck and head are comfortable and do not pull your head up with your hands. Instead, both hands should remain against your head at the side not the back.

With the upper portion of your abs roll your upper body up until just your shoulders come off the ground. When at the top flex your future 6 pack abs very intensely. Slowly lower to the starting position.

Oblique Floor Crunches:

Oblique floor crunches are meant to develop the obliques which are muscles at the sides of your of your 6 pack abs.

Most ab exercises, this one included require a start position of lying down flat against the floor.

six pack abdominals

Bend both legs at the knees and position your feet on the floor.

Place your right foot across your left knee.

Now put your hand (left side first) at the side of your head and your other one on the left side of your abs.

Roll just the upper portion of your body up with a twisting movement to the right so that your left elbow comes in contact with the knee on your right leg.

You need to concentrate and focus flexing your abdominals throughout the entire range of motion.

Lower your upper body back and repeat with the same side. Once you have finished a set to the left switch and do the opposite side.


For knee ups you can lie on a bench or on your back on the ground with your arms out on the ground at 90 degrees to the trunk.

Prior to starting each rep, "set" your pelvis, then lift, aiming, to hold that pelvis position throughout. Simply lift your knees towards your upper body then return to the starting position and repeat.

Vacuum Contraction:

While you may be familiar with some of the very good abdominal exercises discussed above, vacuum contractions are not well known outside of the body building.

Vacuum contractions are something that many people outside of body building circles have never heard of or tried but they work tremendously well for sculpting great 6 pack abs.

Lying flat on your back on the floor with your feet together and your arms at your sides, simply suck in your stomach intensely and hold it until you feel somewhat of a stinging sensation. Usually 90seconds or so, this equals 1 set.

Many people who have never tried vacuum contractions think that it is a very easy exercise but then realize that it is anything but.  It is not something that you will master immediately. In a lot of cases it can take as long as a month for people to do for up to a minute and a half. However, once you are good at it you will be very happy with the results.

Lying Leg Thrusts:

Again lie down flat against the floor. But this time put both legs together with your knees locked and both hands under your rear end with both palms facing down. Look straight up and with your head remaining in contact with the floor.

To begin leg thrust lower abdominal exercises you start by doing a typical leg raise, but when you get your legs pointed straight up then just thrust your hips upward (kind of like you were stamping your feet into the ceiling).

It's important during ab workouts like this to keep your legs locked at all times. Your hips will only actually move an inch or so but that's all that it takes. Then lower your legs down until your feet are about one inch from the ground and repeat.

Learn The Truth About Six Pack Abs

Very few workouts you perform will help you in your quest for perfect six pack abdominals. However, if your diet and over-all exercise program is getting rid of the fat covering them, you'll see amazing results!

What Abdominal Exercises Or Workouts Do You Find Very Useful?

Do you use any unique and effective abdominal exercises or workouts to get 6 pack abs? What was your experience these exercises? What results did you notice? Do you have a good or a bad story to tell about your own experience with certain abdominal exercises & workouts? Or do you have some good information that we may have missed? Let others know!

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