The 71 Weight Loss Tips That You Have Been Looking For!

Countless men and women have used the following 71 weight loss tips to finally achieve the success they wanted.

But regardless of how much effort we sometimes put into our efforts and using tips for quick weight loss, true success can still be out of reach.

There are a few common aspects to successful weight loss regardless of what information you use.

They include your attitude, your ability to really take action towards reaching your goals, the type of diet you use  then maintain that weight loss, and most importantly your exercise program.

If you can accept that you need to focus on these main areas and will use our 71 weight loss tips to your full advantage, then you must continue reading. You won't be disappointed.

You really can lose weight easily, painlessly and consistently with these 71 weight loss look and feel better than you ever have before!

If you're becoming frustrated in your search for real information that really works, then you’ve come across the solution to your problems. Here on this page and throughout hundreds of other pages on this website, we give you the information you need to lose weight, look great and get healthy.

But in order for these 71 weight loss tips to work properly you have to actually use the information.

"Exclusive 71 Weight Loss Tips"

It is indeed possible to lose ten, twenty, or more pounds of fat over the next few weeks

The first tips below will concentrate on the fitness and exercise part weight loss plan.

#1 of 71 Weight Loss Tips: Before starting any weight lifting exercise always warm up your muscles. There are a couple reasons you should warm up your muscles before lifting weights:

  1. When cold, your muscle fibers are very fragile;
  2. Warming up your muscles primes them for the main part of your weight lifting program enabling you to lift heavier weight for more reps than you would otherwise.

#2 of 71 Weight Loss Tips: Use proper breathing techniques when weight lifting. Exhale through your mouth during the lifting portion and inhale through your nose when lowering the weight.

#3 of 71 Weight Loss Tips: Cool down slowly on the stationary bike or treadmill for about 15 minutes after you finish your weight lifting exercises.

#4 of 71 Weight Loss Tips: Know when your muscles are sore from exercises or from an injury.

#5 of 71 Weight Loss Tips: Try to exercise first thing in the morning on an empty stomach.

#6 of 71 Weight Loss Tips: Stay properly hydrated by drinking water before, during and after your exercise session.

#7 of 71 Weight Loss Tips: Stretch very lightly before you start exercising. Save your more intense stretching to improve your flexibility for after your exercise session. Flexibility is always important when trying to lose weight and improve your health. The older you are, the more important it is because increased flexibility will help you all day long.

#8 of 71 Weight Loss Tips: Make sure you don’t bounce during any warm up, stretching or weight lifting. If you’re injured your weight loss will come to a complete stop.

#9 of 71 Weight Loss Tips: Get exercise when you’re not at the gym. Try to balance on one leg when putting on your socks, shoes, etc.

#10 of 71 Weight Loss Tips: Never take the elevator. Use stairs all the time, even when you’re in a hurry.

#11 of 71 Weight Loss Tips: Skip every other stair when you’re going up by taking two stairs at a time.

#12 of 71 Weight Loss Tips: If you have a dog get out there and walk with it every single day.

#13 of 71 Weight Loss Tips: Take a Frisbee or some doggy toy when walking your dog and stop at a park to play with the dog for an hour now and then.

#14 of 71 Weight Loss Tips: Every time you need to use the car to go shopping. Park in the furthest spot away from the front of the store as you can.

#15 of 71 Weight Loss Tips: This one should be a no-brainer…Clean your house from top to bottom every month. It will not only help you lose weight but improve your health by getting all the dust out.

#16 of 71 Weight Loss Tips: At least 4 days each week take a casual 20 to 20 minute walk (in addition to your gym exercising).

#17 of 71 Rapid Weight Loss Tips: If you’re lucky enough to own a house with a back yard then plant a vegetable garden. Not only will you be burning additional fat cells, you’ll have cheap, very healthy and nutritious food that will aid in your overall quick weight loss plan.

#18 of 71 Rapid Weight Loss Tips: Dance classes are being offered everywhere nowadays…join one.

#19 of 71 Rapid Weight Loss Tips: This one should have been number one on this list and it’s critical to your success…Join a fitness center.

#20 of 71 Rapid Weight Loss Tips: When exercising, make sure you make use of all compound exercises. A compound exercise is one that uses multiple muscle groups at once. One of the best for overall fitness and weight loss is the squat. And no ladies, you won’t build a big butt! You will increase your metabolism dramatically and at the same time sculpt a great looking rear end.

#21 of 71 Rapid Weight Loss Tips: Avoid using the many types of balance-training exercises that are being promoted everywhere. While they will help somewhat in your balance they won’t do a thing for weight loss.

#22 of 71 Tips For Quick Weight Loss: Any time throughout the day you can jump in one spot with using both feet and alternating with one foot at a time. Bend at the knees while keeping your back straight.

#23 of 71 Tips For Quick Weight Loss: Ensure that you are exercising all 3 heads of your triceps muscles. You can do bench dips at home or using dumbbells or weight lifting machines at your gym. To do triceps dips at home sit on a bench or sturdy chair. Grab onto the front edge with your hands by your hips, shoulder width apart.

Place your heels flat on the floor, while extending your legs away from your body. Move forward until your hips are no longer touching the chair/bench. Lower your hips slowly downwards until your upper arms are parallel to the floor then push up to a full extension.

#24 of 71 Tips For Quick Weight Loss: As with your legs, when exercising your back try to focus on compound exercises. Your back muscles are a fairly large muscle group and as such will help to increase your metabolism and burn body fat at a fast rate if you use weights to develop them.

The bent over barbell row is one of the best for this. From a standing position and your feet approximately shoulder width apart, bend your knees and bring your hips back slightly. You’re your upper body forward and tighten your abs.

With your arms extended and back completely straight, pull the bar towards your lower rib cage area. Pause for a second while squeezing your shoulder blades together then slowly lower the bar to the start.

#25 of 71 Tips For Quick Weight Loss: Perform shoulder shrugs to strengthen your upper back. Stand holding a dumbbell in each hand then lift your shoulders toward your head keeping your arms straight. Pause for a second then lower your shoulders to starting position.

Do not roll your shoulders back and do both shoulders at the same time.

#26 of 71 Tips For Quick Weight Loss: Perform every lift in a steady, controlled manner. Don’t lift the weight and then lower it too fast. You can injure yourself and more importantly, you will reduce the weight loss effectiveness of the exercises. Performing weight lifting exercises slow will cause your muscles to burn more body fat.

#27 of 71 Rapid Weight Loss Tips: At the beginning of your weight lifting exercise program start out slow. For the first week or two only perform 2 – 3 total sets per muscle group. Work up to the point where you can do three sets of each weight lifting exercise at ten to fifteen reps per set.

#28 of 71 Rapid Weight Loss Tips: Rest for 30 to 120 seconds between each set on each weight lifting exercise.

#29 of 71 Rapid Weight Loss Tips: If you own a bicycle get out there and use it every day instead of using your car to go everywhere.

#30 of 71 Rapid Weight Loss Tips: As you lose excess body fat and your fitness level improves, you will have additional energy. This doesn’t mean you should exercise more. Change your routine at this point.

#31 of 71 Tips For Quick Weight Loss: Always be aware of how your body is responding to exercise especially weight lifting exercises. If you feel faint or sick during your exercise session, you may either be over-training or not consuming enough of the nutrients you need.

#32 of 71 Tips For Quick Weight Loss: As you begin any exercise or weight loss program your breathing rate will become a little more rapid. As you become more fit and lean your breathing will reduce to a level where you could talk to someone while exercising. This is an indication that you should increase your intensity a little.

However, if you can’t even say a word to someone after finishing a set, you should reduce your intensity or work load slightly.

#33 of 71 Rapid Weight Loss Tips: Your level of intensity needs to be at a high enough level that you feel some soreness the day after. The stiffness you feel when starting out will go away within the first week or two as your muscles become more accustomed to exercise.

#34 of 71 Rapid Weight Loss Tips: If you are excessively over weight or have not exercised in many years your joints (hip, knees and ankles) may be too weak to sustain long bouts of exercise. If you do feel pain in any joints then just begin by doing short walks.

As your body adjusts and you start to lose weight you can then increase your exercise. Make sure you always consult your doctor before beginning any exercise program in the first place.

#35 of 71 Tips For Quick Weight Loss: In addition to the above mentioned joint pain, you may also notice some pain or discomfort in your lower back when beginning a weight loss exercise program. This is usually due to a muscle imbalance with the abdominal muscles. But again, check with your doctor to make sure this is not something more serious. If it is just a muscle imbalance, and in most cases it is, all you have to do is strengthen your ab muscles and lower back muscles.

#36 of 71 Tips For Quick Weight Loss: If you start to feel faint after a long layoff or if you have never exercised before, or you notice a slight headache or heart palpitations, stop and make an appointment to see your doctor.

#37 of 71 Tips For Quick Weight Loss: Avoid lifting weights or doing any intense cardiovascular conditioning in you are sick from a cold or flu.

#38 of 71 Rapid Weight Loss Tips: Walking is good for anyone who wants to lose excess fat. Regardless of your age or fitness level, you can improve your weight loss goals by walking on a regular basis.

This is especially true if you are just starting to exercise and are over weight. Walking will also put the least amount of pressure on your joints when compared with some other forms of aerobic exercise.

#39 of 71 Weight Loss Tips: Always record your exercise sessions. If you are just starting out with walking, make sure you time your walking sessions each time. As soon as the distance you are walking begins to feel easy, add in an extra 5 minutes. Keep doing this until you are walking for about 60 minute sessions. Then start going to the gym.

#40 of 71 Weight Loss Tips: Walk at a steady pace during your entire walking session.

Don't over do it in the beginning. If you come to a hill, slow down your pace until you are used to it.

The balance of these 71 weight loss tips can be found on the page entitled The Best Weight Loss Tips.

Tips For Quick Weight Loss

With these tips for quick weight loss hopefully you will be able to eliminate any body fat problem areas you may have, around your hips, thighs, back of your arms, etc.

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