Ab Exercises - Jacknives

I've been working out my abs through my own steam, in my own home for a few months now, and doing most abdominal exercises I'd heard of was incredibly time-consuming and difficult. So I made my own variation of the "V" exercise.

The V's are; you fold your arms over your chest like an Egyptian mummy, and keep your legs as straight as you can, and lay flat on your back, and move both your legs and your torso together to create a V shape with your body.

As I'm sure you can imagine this is the hardest stomach exercise I can do. I couldn't do very many of these however, so I made up something which is a variation of something I saw in "Never Back Down". You lay on your back, with your legs suspended in mid-air, with your legs bent at the knee (I suggest doing this on a bench) and move your legs and upper body to create a V, with your knees bent this reduces the difficulty significantly.

I never really had any barrels, or packs, but within a few weeks I can see " the lines " that go from your hips down to your pubic region as well as feeling great results. I started doing 20 a night, now I do roughly 100, 50 with a fast pace, and the other 50 taking it very slowly and making sure I have complete control over my movements.

I call this exercise the Jacknife, and more importantly my name is not jack, cause there is no way I am that big-headed.

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