Which Aerobics Certifications
Are Right For You?

It is a fact aerobics certifications are still as popular as ever. And although the argument concerning the benefits or lack-there-of, of aerobics has been debated for years and will be for years to come, the fact is that there is a need for people with certifications like this just because there is a huge demand.

The term aerobic basically means "with oxygen."

During any type of aerobic workout whether it's an aerobics class or and aerobic workout on some type of equipment, your cardiovascular system, including your heart, lungs and blood vessels, respond to increased levels of physical activity by increasing the oxygen that is available to your working muscles.

Most aerobics certifications are full spectrum personal training certification courses that are taught by professionals. Exercise physiologists and physicians develop most of the programs.

There are a few different types of aerobics certifications that you can apply for from most of the certification organizations, these include:

  • Primary Aerobic Instructor
  • Advanced Aerobic Instructor
  • Master Step Aerobic Instructor
  • Aerobic Expert
  • Tai Chi Trainer
  • Indoor Cycling
  • Aqua Instructor
  • Kickboxing Trainer

The courses are designed to prepare you to be able to teach safe and effective group exercise programs through the development of leadership and technical skills.

Some of the topics covered are human anatomy, physiology, kinesiology, care and prevention of aerobic injuires, aerobic class design, structure and workout combinations, body sculpting and resistance training with weights and tubing and leadership skills.

Benefits Of Aerobics Certifications Include...

  • You create your own work schedule.
  • Your average hourly income can range from $20-30.00 per hour.
  • You may receive a free membership to the facility you teach at.
  • You may receive employee benefits.
  • You may be encouraged to sell club memberships and receive additional commissions.
  • You may get bonuses for obtaining new clients, selling memberships, and nutritional products.

To be eligible to apply for most aerobic certifications you usually have to meet at least the following minimum requirements:

  • 18 years of age; High School Diploma or equivalent
  • Basic understanding of anatomy and resistance/cardiovascular training.
  • Basic familiarity with aerobic classes.
  • Have at least some aerobics training.
  • CPR not required to take examination but may be required by employer or to obtain liability insurance.

Most aerobics certifications (in addition to topics mentioned above) will cover:

  • Choreography Principles & Leadership Skills
  • Use of Music, Choreography, Techniques & Cueing
  • Challenging Resistance training Techniques & Cueing
  • Class Design-Circuits, Interval-Adding Variety
  • Sculpting & Conditioning Exercises
  • Use of various Equipment-Tubing, Bands and Balls

Here is some additional information on aerobics fitness certifications to help you determine if this is the right type of personal training certification for you:

Aerobics of almost any type usually will involve an exercise routine that will use large muscle groups over an extended period of time. Regular aerobics help to develop your level of fitness, as your heart becomes stronger and begins to work more efficiently.

This results in your heart being able to pump more blood, increasing oxygen delivery to your tissues. As your fitness level improves you'll find yourself, or your clients, being able to work out longer at a higher level of intensity.

Unfortunately however, there are disadvantages with every type of aerobic training.

The biggest one is perhaps the fact that aerobic exercise will waste away your lean muscle, even if you are very careful.

There can also be many injuries resulting from aerobics including joint and muscle strains and sprains.

Some people with cardiovascular health problems, unless otherwise stated by their doctor, should avoid aerobics altogether. Always check with your physician before doing any aerobics for the first time.

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