Atkins Low Carb Diet

by Jae
(Phx, Az)

I have always had weight issues due to emotional eating, and I have found that the most successful of all the diet plans out there has been the Atkins plan.

Over the course of 5 months, I was able to shed 66 pounds. All without feeling hungry and gradually building up to exercising 5 times a week. For the first month, however, exercise what not done due to the fact that I felt extreme fatigue and slight dizzy spells. The dizzy spells I later found were cause by excessive aspartame and splenda usage.

The fatigue compounded with the use of those products and the normal one may experience while beginning a low carb diet plan. My results were well above average in that 26 pounds were lost in the first 3 weeks alone.

I unfortunately have gained back a lot of weight due to an incapacitating condition and will begin this program again tomorrow. I have gained an extreme amount of weight and unfortunately this will be my most trying time yet.


I'm using Atkins I haven't lost any weight. I don't care. I only use it to control my blood sugar. It works so well that I don't need metformin or insulin. BUT, I feel tired all the time. And this is after several months of very low carb eating. The fatigue isn't from low blood sugar (I test often, it is always in a normal range.) I would think I'd be used to a ketogenic diet by now.

I'd hate to go back to a low cal (ie. 60%carb) diet. Even if the carbs are from "healthy" whole grains and fruits, they just make me hungry all the time and spike my blood sugar. don't know what to do...


I just started 5 days ago and have lost 10 lbs. I don't quite believe it because I don't see the effects on my clothes, but that is a function of how overweight you really are. Also the low carb option which has 30g of carbs is also only 1500 calories.

Have you tried it?


For this diet I simply cut starch and sugar. I still eat vegetables, and berries. I try not to eat anything that has more than 5 carbs per serving is my rule of thumb. I try to stick to protein and vegetables. So far in 15 weeks, I have lost 20 pounds.

I am 52 years old, so it is going slowly, but that's ok because at this point it is not about aesthetics. I still need to lose a whole lot more, but this feels pretty comfortable.

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