Details On Becoming A Personal Trainer That Earns You Respect!

Many people who exercise consistently are interested in becoming a personal trainer themselves and to help others with what they enjoy.

However, if you will become personal trainer that has success you must have very detailed knowledge and training. Follow our tips on the subject learn how to succeed when you become a personal fitness trainer.

First however, don't try to become a personal fitness trainer unless you are going to be able to use the best certifications, the best training methods and the best ways to market your business so you can achieve a the salary you want right from the start!

For anyone truly becoming a personal trainer that can earn respect and more importantly earn a huge annual salary, corners cannot be cut!

What this means is that you have one chance and one chance only for complete and total respect of all your future clients.

Each client you get will ask you for references. If you cannot provide a positive reference from each of your previous clients you may not be able to convince future clients to give you their hard earned money.

Many thousands of people in almost every city, world wide, want to hire personal trainers, but they also expect to get exactly what they pay for.

Since certified personal trainers are individuals who have the knowledge, educational training and capability to know how to design an exercise and nutritional program to suit each clients individual needs and wants, you better make sure you are becoming a personal trainer who can do that.

The great news is that you too can become personal trainer considered to be the best and enjoy all of the money and fame that comes with it, with a little help of course.

"What You Need To Know Right Now
Before Becoming A Personal Trainer"

Knowledge and success with current fitness clients is usually what can be the difference between you becoming a personal trainer that earns a 6 figure personal trainer salary or struggling with your career making under 10 dollars an hour.

Being able to earn significant money is difficult for most people but it's easy when you can be considered an expert in this field & get unbelievable results for close to 100 percent of your clients.

When someone become personal trainer who can motivate, help to keep clients on track and make sure each clients exercise session is safe, pleasant and produces outstanding results, a successful career in this industry is very easy to achieve indeed.

When you are becoming a personal trainer, the information you have learned in your certification courses teach you how to do just that. The unfortunate part with most training certifications course is that you then have to spend years and thousands of dollars of your own money to try to generate success with your clients.

If you can't show outstanding success right from your very first client and then with each and every client afterwards, you will have a very tough time making a considerable salary.

While there are literally dozens of personal training "tools" you can buy, there are in fact very few that can properly teach success.

The reason? It is because every client you will ever work with has different needs and goals. You cannot use the same methods on each of them. If you try to, you will fail.

All personal trainers must be certified by an accredited professional health and fitness organization. Most personal trainer certification courses will differ in the educational background they can give you, cost, personal philosophy training and consulting practices.

We have information on the various high quality certifications you may be interested in acquiring on other pages in this section of our website.

When you first begin with each client you will have to go over each clients fitness and health goals and what they can expect from you.

Some items of discussion may include:

  • weight loss in general;
  • body composition;
  • cardiovascular conditioning;
  • general body shaping and toning;
  • muscular conditioning;
  • lean muscle increase;
  • health concerns;
  • strength;
  • injury prevention and rehabilitation;
  • lower-back conditioning and strengthening;
  • flexibility training;
  • expectations, etc.

Each of your clients goals will be different, so the exercise and nutrition program has to be individualized to their specific needs. You have to have the ability to design a program that's just right for both long-term and short-term goals.

"Why Would You Be Interested In
Becoming A Personal Trainer?"

Besides the fact that becoming a personal trainer can help you earn a huge annual income there is a huge demand for these services.

becoming a personal trainer

One of the biggest reasons for so many people wanting to hire a fitness trainer is the fact that the best ones can easily motivate every single one of their clients to achieve a high level of success.

Your clients need more than just fancy looking exercise equipment to reach their health, fitness and weight loss goals they also need you!

Your clients want to be able to exercise consistently and make all of their exercise sessions worthwhile. You have to be able to help motivate them into sticking to your plan and keep them focused on their objective.

The expertise that you will have when you are becoming a personal trainer, if you take advantage of the certifications, will permit you to customize and personalize an exercise program making it very specific to each clients goals, wants and needs.

When you use the proper information you can help to teach correct form, which is critical for your clients to reach their goals and also reduce the chance of injury.

If you clients can't seem to find the time to exercise, you need to be able to figure out a schedule that will work for them, and come up with ideas to help eliminate any other difficulties that they may have.

The advantages you can offer your clients is almost endless, but it won't do you any good if you cannot guarantee their results.

"After Becoming A Personal Trainer There Are 8 Questions You May Be Asked By Prospects"

There are a number of issues your clients may need to discuss with you so they will know if you are qualified and likely to meet their individual needs before they spend any of their hard earned money.

Make sure their goals and objectives are very clear and make sure each of the client who interviews you really understands what you can offer. While these are the most common questions they may think of many more, because there's no such thing as a silly question:

1.    Why did you become a personal fitness trainer?

All legitimate personal trainers ought to have a passion for health and fitness and enjoy helping other individuals reach their health, fitness and weight loss goals.

2.    Do you have liability insurance?

You must protect your clients by insuring yourself and the services you offer your clients, against personal injury and property loss in case a client gets injured while working with them.

3.    Are you certified in CPR and first aid?

Emergencies during exercise sessions are very rare but all personal trainers must know the proper procedures to follow precisely, in all types of emergency situations, should one arise.

4.    Do you need me to get a physical, health screening or some type of release from my doctor?

You must make sure you are completely aware of any medical conditions or current and past injuries that your clients may have. Certain conditions can affect their ability to perform particular exercises. Make sure you find out all relevant details of their past medical history, including any medication they may be on. If they are under a doctor's care for whatever reason you must make sure they discuss any exercise concerns with their physician.

5.    Do you keep up with current research and maintain contact with other health professionals such as: physicians, dieticians, physical therapists, other personal trainers and other types of health & fitness professionals?

All fitness trainers need to update their knowledge on an on-going basis through various seminars, workshops, annual exams, etc., so that they are able to provide you with the latest, safe and effective information. All good quality fitness trainers will have reputable sources for information pertaining to your specific questions and concerns.

6.    Can you supply me with references from previous clients and other health & fitness specialists who are aware of the extent of your education and capabilities?

Fitness trainers are hired for numerous different reasons so it's very important to that you have all the knowledge possible so you can offer something of value to each and every prospect.

Potential clients will look for someone who has experience and knowledge in the exact type of training and help they are looking for.

All good personal trainers will have satisfied customers and will gladly give new prospects their contact information.

By calling these former clients, your new prospects will become convinced that you have the expertise to help them reach their specific goals. If former clients weren't satisfied they'll tell the new prospects right away and the reasons for it.

7.    What is the full cost per session and are there any package deals?

Most professional fitness trainers with a high degree of expertise are usually compensated as such. The majority of fitness trainers can charge anywhere from $20 to $100 per hour-long session. Make sure you tell your clients if there are any additional fees and if the rate includes the use of a local health club because these are usually extra expenses.

8.    Do you provide clear-cut policies on cancellations, billing and so on in writing?

It's a good idea to tell your clients up-front about all your policies, such as: extra fees, contracts, cancellations, billing procedures, etc. and make sure they are clearly stated in writing to help avoid any misunderstandings or confusion.

Becoming a personal trainer is easy when you have the right information right from the start. This is extremely important when becoming a personal trainer and will guarantee long-term success.

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