What Are The Best Multi Vitamins And Do You Really Need Them?

Are you taking the best multi vitamins available?

Are some vitamin products better than others?

After all, aren't all multi vitamins the same?

The answer is a resounding NO! Not all multi vitamins are created equally.

First, yes there really is such a thing as the best when it comes to multi vitamins and here you'll learn more specifically what the best ones are.

There are some very big discrepancies between less expensive synthetic brands and the more expensive but more effective high potency multi vitamins.

Thankfully there is a least one manufacturer of high potency multi vitamins that has an excellent full-spectrum formula that meets all of the requirements and more for improving and maintaining over-all health and providing you with the best multi vitamins possible.

Their total balance multi vitamin product contains the full spectrum of vitamins along with minerals, amino acids, potent herbal extracts, and many other specialty nutrients talked about above, that you need for complete health and longevity benefits.

"Important Details About The Best Multi Vitamins"

Here are some facts about the best multi vitamins.

Some of the natural ingredients used by a large number of companies who make multi vitamin supplemenst have a large difference in the potency of the ingredients used.

You should also note that since the supplement industry and the makers of multi vitamins are unregulated, you as a consumer, only have a 1 in 5 chance of buying a a brand with the ingredients stated on the label -- and receiving all the benefits you expect.

best multi vitamins

Now with so many products available, all claiming to be the best, how are to know what the best vitamins really are? In order for a multi vitamin to truly be the best they cannot contain cheap worthless ingredients and fillers.

The ingredients used in both high potency multi vitamins and the cheaper ineffective ones can be one of two types; natural or synthetic.
Numerous studies have shown that the natural ingredients contained in the best vitamins have a much better potency than those made with synthetic ingredients.

But it's a fact that since the synthetic ingredients are a lot cheaper, most of the manufacturers will use the synthetic types and just try to pass off their brand of as being the best vitamins, which they clearly are not.

Most of the store bought multi vitamins are the cheap ineffective types that use synthetic ingredients.

"What Should The Best Multi Vitamins Contain?"

It’s important to realize that even the best multi vitamins available need more than just actual vitamins in the formula.

The reason?

Vitamins and other nutrients work synergistically, meaning that other nutrients are required for the any of the vitamins to even work a little bit. Some examples of this include the fact that calcium needs vitamin D to be absorbed and vitamin E requires zinc.

In addition it's been proven that a number of different enzymes and herbs can dramatically improve the effectiveness of vitamins.

This is one reason why they need to include a completely scientifically formulated balance of minerals, herbal extracts, enzymes, and other nutrients, in addition to the actual vitamins.

Another factor that determines the high potency multi vitamins for you is the fact that women need to use a slightly different formula than men. Men and women have different nutrient needs such as needing certain herbal extracts such as black cohosh and wild yam to help balance female hormones.

How can you stuff all the nutrients and vitamins needed into one capsule? You can't because there's a limit to how much you can put in one tablet before it gets as big as a soccer ball.

One a day vitamins in tablets or capsules simply cannot possibly contain everything needed in a multi vitamin at sufficient quantities. So if you see a brand of multi vitamins that claims to be the best but are one a day vitamins, you know to stay clear of them.

"The Bottom Line On High Potency Multi Vitamins"

The benefits of using high potency multi vitamins are many and have been documented numerous times. Each and every man, woman and child needs to take the proper vitamins on a daily basis in order to maintain their health.

However, when choosing vitamins you need to make sure they are the very best multi vitamins available!

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Have A Great Story About Multi Vitamins?

Do you currently, or have you ever, used daily multi vitamins? What was your experience with daily multi vitamins? How did it affect your health? Do you have a good or a bad story to tell about your own experience with daily multi vitamins? Or do you have some good information that we may have missed? Share it!

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