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The information on this page contains more of the list of the best weight loss tips found our 71 weight loss tips page.

Always make sure you speak with your doctor or a weight loss professional before making changes to your regular exercise, nutrition or weight loss program.

#64 of 71: Try and eat lean seafood products two or more times each week.

As you may already be aware, fish contain omega 3 fatty acids which have been shown in many medical studies to reduce your change of suffering a heart attack or stroke.

Nutritionally fish is one of the best sources of lean protein available.

In order to lower your body fat you must add in an ample amount of healthy lean protein.

#65 of 71: The vast majority of so-called fast food should be avoided at all times.

However if you really can’t avoid it then at least try to eat something that is as healthy as possible.

Veggie Burgers without any mayonnaise may be an option, however it’s not something you should eat on a regular basis.

#66 of 71: This is one of the best weight loss tips you should always remember. Another fast food option would be one of the many fruit and/or yogurt items that many of the major fast food chains offer. Berries and granola are fairly nutrient rich options.

#67of 71: Of The Best Weight Loss Tips: A certain sub chain has been offering 6 inch sub sandwiches for years that are a good option when you can’t avoid eating out. The ham, roast beef, chicken and turkey they offer are fairly lean and a good source of protein.

#68 of 71: Of The Best Weight Loss Tips: Most fast food outlets also offer many different types of salads that contain a very good source of protein such as lean chicken breast and many different types of mixed green vegetables.

#69 of 71: Of The Best Weight Loss Tips: One of the things you should try to avoid is a veggie sandwich without any form of lean meat protein included on it. It’s ok as a snack but will leave you hungry. And, don’t add in any cheese to try and make a veggie sandwich better. Most cheese adds in too much saturated fat.

#70 of 71: Tuna sandwiches should also be avoided but this time it’s because of the added mayonnaise. Tuna itself is an excellent source of lean protein but it’s very hard to eat without adding mayo to it. Adding mayo adds a lot of fat. The main sources of protein that are easy to eat include: turkey, roast beef, and chicken breast.

#71 of 71: When it comes to pasta dishes while eating out it’s best to avoid them altogether. Pasta itself is very calorie dense. Adding any type of meat sauce or cheese to it will give you far too many calories. Not good if your main goal is to try and lose excess weight.

That concludes our current list of the best weight loss tips. However, we’ve added some more below and will continue to add to our list of best weight loss tips on a regular basis.

"20 More Of The Best Weight Loss Tips"

#1: If you do a lot of baking, try to use applesauce which is a decent alternative for shortening.

#2: Never fry any of your foods, regardless of how much better some taste. If you must fry something then make a stir-fry on a non-stick frying pan instead.

#3: Use smaller portions of all your items at each meal. Nowadays everything is “bigger sized”. This is another reason not to eat out.

#4: When making your meals try to measure what you’re eating and record the calorie counts. This will give you a better idea of what a portion should look like. Once you get used to it you can then just estimate your portions.

#5: Always record what you eat and drink and when you eat and drink it. This is one of the best weight loss tips and ways to ensure long-term success.

#6: Eat smaller sized meals every 3 - 4 hours. If you wait longer than that you will not only cause your metabolism to become unstable, you will suffer from hunger pains that may result in you binge eating, which will result in none of the best weight loss tips helping.

#7: It’s been found that eating specific food combinations you can burn more calories. For example you should eat carbohydrate and protein meals early in the day and then protein and fat combinations in the late afternoon. Never eat a high carbohydrate and high fat meal together. Also add in some extra fiber to your meals. Fiber will help you feel full for longer periods of time.

#8: Eat an ample amount of fresh vegetables per day and some fresh fruit. Vegetables and fruits that come in cans are just not the same.

#9: Try to eat yogurt a few times per week. It’s good in protein and calcium.

#10: Fresh tuna is a very good source of protein. You can barbeque it, grill it, broil it, steam it, etc.

#11: If you enjoy eating beans then try to eat some different varieties. Most beans are a very good way to add fiber and some protein to your diet.

#12: Most processed foods that say reduced fat aren’t healthy for you and won’t help you lose any weight. Reduced fat means nothing unless it’s less than 1% total fat.

#13: Salads are of course very good for you but make sure you add a source of lean protein such as tuna or chicken breast. However, never eat a salad with a cream type dressing or any mayonnaise. It will completely defeat the purpose of any of the weight loss tips here.

#14: Some people, for whatever reason, need a fatty salad dressing. If you’re one, then just put the dressing at the side and dip your fork before spearing the lettuce or other ingredient in your salad. It will give you some flavor without the fat.

#15: Avocado is another useless item you should avoid.

#16: Roasted or flavored nuts of all types are good for a snack. If you use peanut butter then only use natural peanut butter.

#17: Potato chip should be avoided at all costs. You should realize that. However, use these best weight loss tips if you can’t do without them.

Just make your own.

Here’s how...

Slice a couple large baking potatoes into very thin slices and put them apart on a cookie sheet with a low calorie non-stick spray. Sprinkle lightly with any spice you like. Bake at 400 degrees for around 30-minutes. Remember, this should only be a very occasional snack choice.

#18: Eat plain oatmeal for breakfast. Don’t add any sugar or again you’ll defeat the purpose of eating this type of food. Oatmeal will leave you feeling full for a longer period of time unlike a lot of other cereals.

#19: If you have to eat out at a restaurant then eat a low fat, low calorie snack before you go. This will help you eat less while out and keep on track while using the best weight loss tips here.

#20: If you’re at a buffet then try to sit at a table that is as far away from it as you can get. If you don’t see the food you’ll not be tempted to keep going back.

Always keep in mind that even the best weight loss tips will not work for you if you don’t exercise and watch what you eat on a regular basis.

Natural Weight Loss Tips

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