Beginners And Advanced Body Builders Need Body Building Programs That Guarantee Success

The types of body building programs for advanced weight lifters are quite different from those for beginners. With this being said however, there are a number of things that remain constant.

The first and most important thing you have to realize is that nutrition, just as much as the weight lifting aspect of your program, has to be taken seriously.

If you plan on building an amazing, lean, muscular physique, you need to have the proper nutrition and weight lifting plan set out before you start.

Almost all body building programs, as long as proper lifting technique and recovery methods are used, will increase muscle mass. An increase in your lean muscle due to consistently lifting weights helps to improve your metabolism making it much easier to burn off body fat and get extremely lean and muscular.

Regardless of how good your program is you still need to make sure that all aspects are taken care of. This includes the nutrition and health portion of your body building programs.

"Most Important Aspects Of
Great Body Building Programs"

The main goal of all body building programs is to build as much lean muscle as you want on your body and burn as much body fat as possible, leaving you with a very lean, muscular and attractive physique.

But unfortunately most people who try to accomplish this will fail. The reason is that adding muscle and burning fat is hard if you don't know what you're doing.

If it was easy then there would not be any obesity problem and everyone would have a perfect body.

Now, the first thing you need to do when performing any of the various body building programs that are available, is to use correct form. Swinging any weights or just not keeping the weight under control will not only diminish your results but can cause a serious injury.

As you are probably aware, there are tons of different exercises, rep and set combinations, etc. that various body building programs will suggest. You also have to decide whether or not to use free weights, weight machines or a combination of both.

The fact is that machines and free weights both have their advantages but one thing to remember is that compound movements that require your body to use more than one muscle will always give you a greater degree of success.

Compound exercises will use more muscle fibers and muscle groups than any weight machine will. So yes, free weights are more effective, but does that mean that you should avoid using weight machines?

The answer is no.

Some machines can work certain muscles at an angle that just isn't possible with free weights. In addition, you need to change up your routine every now and then to keep your muscles from over training.

The diet aspect is the area that seems to get "left behind". Please realize this: your body building diet is just as important as the actual weightlifting phase.

If your aren't eating to grow new, lean muscle then your weight lifting efforts will be for not. You have to eat ample amounts of protein, good carbohydrates, and essential fatty acids in order to build a big, strong and lean body.

"Body Building Diet Basics"

First, make sure you eat enough high quality protein each day, regardless if you worked out or not.

It is hard to always do this with regular food and not be including huge amounts of fat at the same time, so it's ok to use supplements such as meal replacements, whey protein or even some of the various meal replacement bars that are available.

All junk food must be avoided at all times - but you already know that, don't you?

Take essential fatty acids in the form of flax oil and/or fish oil daily.

Most body building workouts, if they are not followed properly, will lead to over-training. You need to give your body the proper type of rest and enough time to recover from your workouts.

Over-training can be worse than missing the gym and not training at all.

The most common physical conditioning error for active individuals is over-training. Over-training is exactly what the word implies, a condition caused by: Too Much Physical Activity.

The athlete in professional or college sports has an off-season to rest injured muscles and tendons, utilize physical therapy, maximize strength and flexibility, and finally cycle back into his sport.

Most people on have no such luxury and training is a full time job. Typically you train to peak levels year round. It is this repetitive, peak performance conditioning schedule that may lead to over-training and overuse injuries.

The over-training syndrome can present with a wide range of physiologic or psychological symptoms which vary widely among individuals

There is no good laboratory or biochemical marker for over-training syndrome caused. The best indicators are resting heart rate in the morning and assessment of mood.

Resting heart rate taken daily just before getting out of bed, and monitored over time will give some indicator of fitness as well as fatigue. Individuals who are over-trained will show a resting heart rate which is 10-15 beats per minute higher than baseline when measured over a period of several days.

A day or two of abstaining from body building programs should show a return to baseline. If you were to continue despite the baseline elevation in heart rate, you will only become more over-trained.

Body Building Workouts

Generally, 30-60 minutes is sufficient, whether a circuit or split routine is implemented. The type of exercise will also vary and can include free weights or machines. For certain phases, circuit training is more adaptable, while split routines may be used for individual strength programs.

Beginner Body Building

Body Building Routines

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