Learn How To Develop The Best Body Building Routines Possible

The most successful and safest body building routines depend on a number of different factors and must incorporate many different aspects of exercise.

These will include your age, sex, both short-term and long-term goals, the body builder supplements you plan on using, your over-all nutrition plan and your general level of health & fitness before you start.

While these are just a small number of important factors that must be considered before starting any body building workout routines - they are key to your success.

Don't expect to do the same type of body building exercises you see everyone else in the gym doing because what works for them will not necessarily work for you.

You are unique in your goals and abilities so keep in mind that any body building routines you do must be geared towards your success only.

In this article we won't get "over technical", we just want to get you started on the basics of developing good body building routines that fit your situation. We will also give examples of what makes up body building routines.

"A Simplified Look At Body Building Routines"

Generally speaking, for most body building routines geared towards increasing lean muscle will recommend that you start out with a regime that focuses on approximately three sets of ten repetitions on each exercise for each body part.

If you are a true beginner and do not have much experience with different types of body building workout routines then you should stick with the same routine for at least 90 days or so of consistent weight lifting.

It's also critical that regardless of what type of body building exercises you are doing, that you follow a proper diet and supplementation program geared towards your goal. There's no point in reducing calorie if you are trying to build lean muscle.

There are many body building recipes and tons of body building tips found elsewhere on site. Here's some important body building tips that will help out the success of your body building workout routines.

Regardless of the type of programs that you plan on being involved in, whether it's to build muscle or to get an extremely lean and ripped physique, you must warm up before performing any body building exercises!

Just remember that a warm up is just that - warming up your muscles. Do not do any intense or long periods of a warm up before you get into it. A good warm up can include a fast pace walk on the treadmill or using a stationary bike for 5 - 10 minutes maximum.

Then on your first set of body building exercises for each body part, do 2 sets of 12 with about 40% of the weight you will be using. Now there are exceptions to this rule such as working out in a cold or hot environment, so adjust to your situation.

A warmed up body will respond faster and reduce the possibility of injuries such as like muscle pulls or tears.

As mentioned earlier there are many different factors that go into making good body building routines such as your current health and the number of days in a week you will be exercising.

For example, if you were to be performing body building that require you to be in the 6 days a week, then your program would reflect that. And, if your program requires you to be in the gym only three days a week then each aspect of your body building routines have to reflect that.

You'll need different rest periods, sets, reps, nutrition plan, supplements, etc.

All body building routines must change certain aspects on a continual basis in order to keep making gains. You can't continue doing the same thing day after day and expect to continue making gains. Your body will get used to what you're doing and will stop responding very quickly if you're not careful.

The long-term of any body building routines needs to be broken up into short-term goals. An example is that you may be doing a 3 day a week routine for a few weeks followed by a 6 day a week program.

You would can also change your weight lifting exercises, reps, set, etc. It will depend on your recovery and your rate of improvement. So as you can see there is a lot that has to be considered if you want to succeed.

Body building workout routines for beginners should not incorporate heavy weights right away. If you do you run the risk of over training.

Start off by using a weight that is light enough to handle comfortably. For the most part you should be using free weights with the occasional machine for back exercises.

Primarily beginners should incorporate 2 exercises that work the entire muscle group you are exercising.

Here are some tips for beginner programs. Begin with an exercise such as the military press. It's an excellent exercise for gains in your shoulders (deltoids), upper back and to a certain extent your triceps.

Because it isn't a very easy exercise you should do it early in your program when you have adequate energy.

A second exercise can be a barbell curl. This will work your biceps extremely well and should be included in all body building routines if possible.

Of course we all want big muscular biceps muscles. Your biceps is usually one of the better conditioned muscles in the body of a beginner and is quite often on of a beginners strongest muscles.

Another exercise that must be included in all body building routines is of course the flat bench press. This exercise is performed lying on your back on a bench and you lower the bar to your chest and then extend up again to complete 1 rep.

While this is one of the best exercises for your chest muscles, you can also effectively develop your triceps and deltoids like the exercise mentioned earlier.

A fourth effective exercise is upright rowing. In this exercise you simply hold the bar in front of you with your arms extended down. Then raise with a somewhat narrow hand grip all the way up to just below your chin. Then lower it again to the starting position.

Exercises like this will give you good development in your trapezius muscles (which are on your back between your neck and the shoulder socket on top of your shoulders).

"Basic Body Building Routines"

Obviously you need to make a lot of personal changes to body building routines like this as you go along, but it will at least get you started off in the right direction.

This is a 5-day a week set-up:

Monday - Shoulders, Chest & Abs.

  • Behind Neck Shoulder Press: 4 @ 6-10 reps
  • Upright Row: 4 @ 6-10 reps
  • Incline Dumbbell Press: 4 @ 6-10 reps
  • Bench Press: 4 @ 6-10 reps
  • Crunches: 3 @ 6-10 reps

Tuesday - Mid Back, Calves, Forearms.

  • Close Grip Lat Pull down: 4 @ 6-10 reps
  • Close Grip Seated Pulley Row: 4 @ 6-10 reps
  • Seated Calf Raise: 4 @ 6-10 reps
  • Reverse Wrist Curl: 4 @ 6-10 reps

Wednesday - Quads & Hamstrings.

  • Squats: 5 @ 6-10 reps
  • Leg Press: 5 @ 6-10 reps
  • Leg Curl: 4 @ 6-10 reps

Thursday - Triceps, Traps, Calves.

  • Close Grip Bench Press: 4 @ 6-10 reps
  • Tricep Dip: 4 @ 6-10 reps
  • Dumbbell Shrug: 4 @ 6-10 reps
  • Standing Calf Raise: 4 @ 6-10 reps

Friday - Upper Back, Biceps, Abs.

  • Pull Ups: 4 @ 6-10 reps
  • E-Z Bar Curl: 4 @ 6-10 reps
  • Hammer Curl 4 @ 6-10 reps
  • Crunches: (with weight) 4 @ 6-10 reps

As mentioned many times on this page there are a many different body building routines available for both beginner and advanced bodybuilders and this is just one. Check through the rest of our body building pages for much more.

Body Building Workout Routines

Here are some more tips for good body building workout routines. Look for these factors when investigating any body building workout routines you may come across:

1.) Have these programs been experimentally tested?

2.) Are there specific goals, training loads, progressive monitoring and recovery periods in these programs?

3.) Do these programs specify what types of people are eligible for to do them?

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