Body Buliding At Age 15...

by Aman chawla
(ludhiana, punjab ,india)



I'm a beginner body builder and have been working out at a good body building gym for 3 months now.

I've always wanted a lean muscular body and by being consistent with my body building I've started to see some good results, as you can see from the picture. I'm usually in the gym for about 70 minutes each day. This includes 10 minutes of cardio excersise to warm up my muscles then I get started with my body building program.

I usually try to perform my back and biceps exercises on one day, chest and triceps on other day then legs and shoulders on the third day.

If there is anyone who could give some good body building tips on how to continue seeing good results, that would be greatly appreciated.

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by: abdullah

hi am abdullah and am a body builder I have noticed that you have little attention to your chest. I advise you to concentrate to all you muscles.

by: Anonymous

Buddie try out one muscle each day with heavy weights will surely get good results and also do not stop taking supplements. best of luck.

by: bhutia

The results of your hard work is being seen bro. I myself started bout 5 months ago and i am happy with the results. Your routine is good enough but you need an entire session for the legs and of luck

by: gurnam singh

hello my name is gurnam singh i live in usa i am also body builder and i from india i move in usa 1998 in india i was mr delhi few time and i am north champion and also inter state mr india in 1993 whay i am sanding you this massige because when i was body builder i was not know much about diet make sure you have a proper diet and good work out then you can reach you goel easy and fast
good luck

tips for u bro
by: Anonymous

1st thing u should give more time to ur body..and if you do double routine than work for at least 3 hrs..when you perform any exercise make sure u concentrate on dat muscle..try to do dat slowly.

For Your Legs
by: Anonymous

Try and train legs on a separate day. These are big muscles and need more time to recover. Lots of protein and straight after each weight session.

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