While Not As Expensive As Other Brands…Will The Bodyguard Treadmill Give You The Results You Want?

This company that makes the body guard treadmill has been developing and building treadmills and other pieces of exercise equipment since the 1960's.

There are numerous models, all of which are fairly similar in what they offer, the accessories they come with and their over-all construction.

This includes interactive heart-rate control monitoring as well as a number of pre-set programs.

Recently a very prominent health and fitness business, trade magazine voted the body guard treadmill as the best available. This is pretty high praise considering that it is not the most well known of all the big name treadmills.

Most come with a powerful motor that allows not only for a comfortable walk or jog, but also an intense but smooth running workout.

Other features include a very easy to use console, specific heart rate monitoring, programs that you can input yourself as well as pre-programed workouts. And one of the biggest benefits that comes with it is the extensive warranty - one of the best in the exercise equipment community.

“Additional Benefits Of The Body Guard Treadmill”

  • It features something called the Sorb-a-deck. What this involves is a unique aspect on the running deck made up of an unusual flex-pattern using Sorbothane®. This helps a great deal to absorb bounce back which keeps the running deck from rebounding underneath you while you are exercising.

  • To get started exercising quickly on the body guard treadmill, all you have to do is press the green button twice. This will get you going right away without having to input your personal information (weight, age, etc.) first. While this is a good feature, especially if you're in a rush, it's nothing new or innovative. Almost every brand of treadmill available has some type of "quick start" button.

  • It features a raised silicone keypad allowing for easy operation. They've also got an easy to read screen and display. Again, nothing new or different from most other treadmills.

  • It does come with an excellent high quality motor. They have powerful continuous duty motors to provide an even and smooth operation that can be performed at speeds from 0.5-12 mph.

  • You can adjust the elevation of the running surface from a 0-15% grade. Again, similar to most others.

  • The actual running is a little bigger than some of the competition. The running belt is 22 inches by 63 inches, and it's a tough and slip-resistant surface. Another good feature with this aspect of this brand of treadmill is that the belt just needs to be flipped over in order to double its longevity.

  • This particular treadmill also comes equipped with an electronic stride control that is controlled by the lower board. It actually controls the motor speed so that it runs consistent with the speed you select, regardless of your body weight or the level of incline you have selected.

  • The warranty, as explained earlier, is simply outstanding. 10 Years on parts and 3 years on labor. Normally, due to the many different mechanical parts on treadmills, they don't come with very good warranties. This is where the body guard treadmill really differs from a lot of the competition.

The body guard treadmill has been over-hauled recently to reflect a major redesign and the results are very good. They offer a lot of value for the money and provide you with a lot of fitness benefits.

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