Specific Bodybuilding Home Gym Equipment

Depending on your needs and goals some bodybuilding home gym equipment may be fairly expensive.

So is even the best home gym equipment better than obtaining a gym membership?

Well the answer to that is yes & no. For some people it's not an option to join a gym. If you live in an area that's too far away from a good body building gym then you don’t have any choice.

The only downside is that it can be expensive if you're not careful.

Here we will discuss what you need for body building equipment and hopefully save you money in the process.

To get started and before you buy any bodybuilding home gym equipment you must first determine your body building goals, both long-term and short-term.

For this discussion and to make it as simple as possible, we'll assume you are interested in adding lean muscle and building a muscular and lean body.

Now, make a list of the bodybuilding home gym equipment stores in your area. You need to check out all of them because prices can vary greatly.

Then go to all of the bodybuilding home gym equipment stores in your area to see what they have available. The first thing you'll notice is the extremely high cost of most of the bodybuilding home gym equipment at each store.

If you can afford all of the bodybuilding home gym equipment you need then make a purchase and get started. However, most people involved with body building can't do that.

So one of the best and most over-looked places to find bodybuilding home gym equipment is actually online. More often than not, online exercise equipment stores have great deals and excellent payment options.

The big drawback is that you can't try any of the body building equipment before you order it to make sure it will suit your needs.

This doesn't mean that you shouldn't try your local exercise equipment stores; it's just a good option to keep in mind.

Another alternative are the many "used" exercise equipment stores that seem to be popping up almost daily. Since gym quality body building equipment is made to last a lifetime, you may be able to get what you need at a very reasonable cost indeed.

In cases such as this you'll find near perfect home gym equipment that was originally purchased by body builders who now wanted to join a gym for various reasons or body building enthusiasts who thought they would try body building to see what it was like only to realize it wasn't something they wanted.

Now let's look at the types of bodybuilding home gym equipment you should be considering.

"The Body Building Equipment That Is
The Best Home Gym Equipment"

The Bodybuilding Home Gym Equipment You Must Have #1:

Free Weights

The most rudimentary of all types of body building equipment are free weights. They are also the most cost effective, most results effective and best home gym equipment options for all aspects of body building.

bodybuilding home gym equipment

Free weights include everything from barbells, various types of dumbbells, weight plates and all other types of weights that are not fixed or attached to anything – hence the term ‘free’.

Power Blocks are a great option.

With free weights you are able to perform an unimaginable number of effective body building exercises with them. Almost anything your mind can come up with.

Now you need to be aware that free weights typically come in both "standard" & "Olympic". While the Olympic weights will cost you a little bit more they are well worth it.

You simply can't compare the two when it comes to body building. Standard free weights just won't hold up. They're not strong enough and therefore can be dangerous for most involved in body building.

So do yourself a favor and stay clear of the "standard" free weights. They are not worth it and will not give you the results you're looking for.

You can easily tell the difference between both types. The Olympic bars are thicker with a much thicker end piece and the weights for this bar have a larger hole. The standard bars are thin and use plates with a small hole.

Olympic bars usually range from a short 4ft to as much as 7ft in length.

The weight can also vary quite a bit, anywhere from 15 to 45lbs.

There are also many "specialized" Olympic bars available on the market as well.

These "specialty" bars are designed for specific muscles such as biceps, triceps, trapezius muscles, etc.

And yes, there are countless "fixed weight" bars but this is not effective for most bodybuilding home gym equipment as you can't change the weights.

Olympic bodybuilding home gym equipment bars can hold over 1000 pounds of weight plates so they are built to last you for a very long time. Very few in body building have ever done any type of lifts with weight like that.

You will need all of the most basic increments of weight plates for your Olympic bars. This will consist of the following (remember, you need an even number of each weight):

  • 2 1/2 pound plates
  • 5 pound plates
  • 10 pound plates
  • 25 pound plates
  • 35 pound plates
  • 45 pound plates

In most cases, both in online stores and in traditional bodybuilding home gym equipment stores you'll find package deals that include an Olympic bar, various plates and accessories for a reasonable price.

But unfortunately they usually don't come with a bench and you'll definitely need one. This doesn't mean that they never include a bench, just check around both online and off. You'll be surprised a what offers come around now and then.

The Body Building Equipment You Must Have #2:

A Good Multi Bench

As with the free weights, you'll find a lot of different benches out there. Make sure you get an adjustable one and one that's rated for heavy weights.

It's also good to get one that either contains a squat attachment or buy a power rack in addition to the bench.

The Body Building Equipment You Don’t Necessarily Need (Unless You Have A Ton Of Money To Spend):

Multi-station Machines

Unfortunately all body building equipment of this type is very expensive. The good news is that if you can afford it, you should get it. Multi station bodybuilding home gym equipment can very effectively add to the success of your over-all body building program.

Most of the exercises performed on this type of body building equipment add tremendously to the free weight portion of any body building programs.

With the multi station machines you can perform leg extensions, curls, lat pulldowns, triceps pushdowns, cable flyes, and the list goes on.

The downside to even the best home gym equipment is that it will take up a tremendous amount of room. So even before you decide that you have enough money – decide if you have enough room.

If you and a body building partner will be exercising together then it makes a lot of sense.

The Body Building Equipment You Do Not Need:

Variable Resistance Machines

What are variable resistance machines?

Anything that resembles a Nautilus® or Bowflex® product. These offer an alternative to weight training for some but not for body builders.

There are no advantages for body building. You need free weights and possibly some multi station cable machines if you want to succeed.

Now we'll get off track a little bit here because the above mentioned machines do have some good fitness benefits – just not for the dedicated body builder.

The main exercise advantage is that your muscles are reported to be under continuous stress for the entire range of movement. This is effective in exercising your muscles in order to see a physical improvement.

This type of body building equipment will permit you to determine the exact amount of weight you desire.

As far as which bodybuilding home gym equipment is better, well hands down it's free weights. And, to make your body building programs even more productive you can add in a multi station machine (if you can afford it).

Just remember this, in order to take full advantage of best home gym equipment available you must first determine your exact body building goals and then how much you are willing to spend. And shop around extensively both online and in traditional exercise equipment stores or you may end up wasting a lot of money. The body building home gym equipment you need is out there, you just have to find it at the right price.

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