It Is Cheaper But Will The Bowflex Sport Give You More Hassle Than It's Worth?

The bowflex ultimate model is somewhat similar to the bowflex sport we are going to talk about on this page as both versions have an adjustable bench.

So what does this mean? Well with an adjustable bench, you can allow for a greater range of exercises.

The main problem with the models with the adjustable bench is comfort.

On this model some people will find certain exercises to be uncomfortable and awkward, because of the bench.

This bowflex comes with much the same features as almost all the other bowflex models, but there are a couple differences, for example:

bowflex sport
  • The bowflex sport allows you to do up to 60 different exercises. Other models of the bowflex only allow you to do 50 exercises, while others can be as high as 90. However, it doesn't always come down to the number of exercises you can do, it comes down to how you do them and how consistent you are.

  • This model of bowflex exercise equipment, unlike a lot of other models or other home gyms for that matter, also comes with a sliding seat rail. The sliding seat rail is a good feature especially if you want to do some aerobic resistance exercises such as rowing.

  • This model of bowflex comes with multiple cable / pulley positions. This is another good feature because a tall person will obviously have to perform certain exercises at a different angle than a shorter person.

  • Some of the bowflex models only come with a 2 year warranty (not including the weight resistance Power Rods, which have a life time warranty) on the over-all construction and parts. The bowflex sport however, comes with a 5 year warranty.

  • The sport model has the ability to be folded up and stored away. This is a feature that isn't all that great. It's a pain to have to bring it out and put it away each time you use it.

    The best suggestion is to find a space big enough to leave it out all the time. It doesn't take up all that much room. When it's unfolded and set-up it's height at the highest point is 7 feet 2 inches; the length is 7 feet 6 inches; while the width is only 3 feet 2 inches. Obviously when it is folded up it's even smaller, coming it at 56 inches long and only 38 inches wide.

    You will need to put aside a workout area of at least 8 ½ feet by 6 ½ feet to be able to exercise comfortably.

If you are on a little bit of a tighter budget then this bowflex sport model may just be what you need.

You'll get a decent workout in without over-spending.

You do get some of the extras with this bowflex that you can only get with the most expensive ones, such as the lat tower.

Most people will find that putting this bowflex together isn't all that difficult.

However, it will still take you a couple of hours and it may be worth it to have someone assist you.

For some assembly an extra pair of hands can come in quite handy.

"Folding The Bowflex Sport"

One more point about the folding aspect of this bowflex.

It doesn't go through standard doorways very easily, in fact a lot of people will not be able to move it from room to room at all.

Keep this in mind when determining where you are going to exercise.

You may not be able to keep it folded up and stored in the laundry room and then move it to another room to exercise.

For the most part this bowflex model is a decent home gym considering it's not all that expensive when compared to other models.

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