The Chocolate Milk Nutrition Facts You Need If You Exercise

Before taking a close look at the chocolate milk nutrition facts, let’s take a closer look at what happens during an intense exercise session.

When you train hard, you sweat hard. And all those fluids you lose working out need to be replaced if you want to keep performing at the top of your game. Because chocolate milk is made up of 87% water, it is an excellent choice to replace your lost fluids and help achieve peak performance.

If you exercise at a high level of intensity during any plyometric training, weight training or general fitness session for more than 60 minutes, or if you sweat a lot during exercise, replacing electrolytes becomes important.

Electrolytes include salt (sodium, chloride) and potassium which regulate many body functions. Chocolate milk naturally contains both sodium and potassium.

What does the science say about athletes, or anyone involved in improving their lean muscle, improving their fitness levels etc. and the benefits of chocolate milk?

Well the body of research in the area of exercise recovery is growing and we’ve highlighted some of the latest research related to chocolate milk nutrition and recovery beverages.

"Chocolate Milk & Sports Drinks"

Research looking at the chocolate milk nutrition facts and other beverages for endurance exercise (cycling) showed that when the cyclists drank chocolate milk for recovery after an exhaustive workout, they were able to cycle for a longer period in their second ride that day.

These studies showed that chocolate milk was as good as or better than other beverages such as high priced and heavily marketed sports drinks.

"Chocolate Milk Nutrition Facts For Weight Training"

Studies looking at milk for resistance training found that drinking milk after intense weight training helped build muscle and was more effective than any sports drinks.

"The Benefits Of Chocolate Milk For Hydration"

Studies looking at milk for hydration, found that milk was more effective than water or sports drinks for replacing sweat losses and rehydrating after an intense cycling workout.

The proof is all around.

If you want to build lean muscle, improve in your chosen sport then one thing that you must do is make sure to consume chocolate milk after each workout session or practice.

It's a very easy, cost effective and safe way to improve your athletic ability.

"Here Are Some More Reasons To Consume Chocolate Milk After Your Workout..."

During your workout, your body uses carbohydrate stores (called glycogen) in your muscles for energy.

As glycogen becomes depleted, so does your ability to perform at your peak. The faster these stores are replenished after exercise (ideally within 30 minutes), the better you can perform during your next day's workout.

chocolate milk nutrition factsThe Benefits Of Chocolate Milk

Chocolate milk has the carbohydrates your body needs to replenish these energy stores so you can work out harder and longer tomorrow.

When you continually push yourself with intense workouts, you need protein to help you recover. The chocolate milk protein can help to repair damaged muscle tissues and promote muscle growth.

It will prepare your body for tomorrow's workout - whether it's on the field, at the track or in the gym.

With its 55 grams of carbohydrates and 17 grams of protein per 500mL serving on average, chocolate milk gives you the complete nutrition you need after a workout. When you drink it after intense exercise it helps you refuel, recharge and get ready for tomorrow's workout.

Chocolate Milk Nutrition Facts From The CBC:

The scenario: Your team is in the mid-season and is training for an upcoming tournament. You notice that some athletes seem to be losing their legs and steam as the weeks go by. There seems to be a downward trend in performance and a few of the players have been getting sick and injured.

This scenario is all too common and a coaches worst nightmare. Athletes should be peaking and getting better over the season! Part of this problem may lie in improper recovery and regeneration after practice.

Recovering and regenerating the body after hockey is essential for a consistent performance as well as reducing player injury and illness. Post-game/practice recovery nutrition and hydration performs the following functions:

  1. Replenishes fluids and muscle glycogen lost during training
  2. Provides protein for muscular repair and rebuilding
  3. Helps to curb the drop in the immune system that is seen in the hours post exercise
  4. Helps prevent over eating in the meals following hockey
  5. Body is fresh and recovered to handle the next training session

"Chocolate Milk Nutrition Facts Concerning The Timing of Recovery Fueling"

For athletes performing any type of training, including plyometric training, once a day need to consume recovery food and fluids within the previously mentioned 30 minutes of completing exercise. This time-frame is a critical window for enhanced recovery as blood flow to the muscles is greater and muscle cells are more insulin-sensitive.

This post-game/practice nutrition should be followed by a regular meal or another snack within 2 hours.

Meet your Recovery Ratios…

It's a simple equation! Recovery Nutrition = Carbs + Protein + Fluids

Chocolate milk is the ultimate recovery food. It has everything your body needs for recovery - fluids, protein, carbs and it tastes great!

Most athletes drink sports drinks during the day but this is completely wrong. First of all most sports drinks are designed to give the body a carbohydrate and electrolyte boost after a workout. Taken at any other time sports drinks have no benefit at all as far as sports performance goes.

Studies at major US Universities have shown that all each athlete needs in order to achieve the maximum benefits is one 500ml Chocolate Milk taken within 30 minutes of finishing their practice / event / training session or game.

High schools in the USA have long recognized the importance of adding chocolate milk to their sports performance programs

USA Universities such as Indiana University and Virginia's George Mason University, suggest a glass of chocolate milk after training is at least as effective as the majority of high priced sports performance drinks on the market.

benefits of chocolate milk

At the University of Florida their athletes consume approximately twelve full cases of fifty, 500ml containers of chocolate milk each week. They have it available in their weight rooms and other training facilities for easy access for their students.

They have also determined that it must be taken within 30 minutes after practice or a game in order to realize its full benefits.

Researchers at the University of Texas are also taking a look at milk as a post-workout drink.

Chocolate Milk Nutrition Facts: How Much Protein Do You Really Need?

You need specific types of protein for optimal results and you need ample amounts as well. But how do you get that much from food without gaining fat or spending the entire day preparing meals? Find more chocolate milk nutrition facts.

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