Simple Circuit Training Exercises
That Work

Basically any types of aerobic/anaerobic exercises can be circuit training exercises.

Depending on your goals and the equipment, or lack of equipment you have available, the potential list of exercises you can choose from is almost endless.

Before getting into examples of exercises you can use in making circuit training programs, you should gain a full understanding of the basics of circuit training.

Circuit training is one of the best ways to improve stamina, strength and your body's fat burning ability – all at the same time.

There are so many ways to use circuit exercises and so many different types of circuit training that it can be quite confusing. Although there can be numerous differences, there are some things that remain consistent in all programs.

First, each of the circuit training exercises are performed one after another with little or no rest between each of the training exercises.

The next constant is that each exercise is must be completed before going on to the next. Meaning that you need to reach the required number of repetitions or continue for the specific amount of time before going on to the next exercise.

Each of the exercises will have a specific rest period between them ranging from 0 seconds to about 30 (some circuit training programs have longer rest periods).

You will also take a prescribed rest period at the end of each circuit before doing the entire circuit again.

The total number of circuits you do will differ depending on the types of circuit training you are doing. It can range anywhere from 2 to 6 but again, it can be many more depending on your fitness level, goals, etc.

It's important to properly plan out your entire circuit training program to make sure the circuit exercises you will be doing are the best to enable you to reach your goals in the quickest time possible.

Identify all your circuit training exercises you can do with the equipment you have available. In the initial stages of planning, try to come up with 3 or 4 circuit training exercises for each muscle group.

You should make sure that none of your circuit exercises work the same muscle group in the same manner. What is meant by this is that you shouldn't do seated dumbbell curls in the same circuit that you're using standing curls.

Both these exercises stress your muscles in the same manner so you will in effect lose the benefits of the second exercise. There is just no point in performing 2 almost identical exercises in the same circuit. You'd be much better off choosing incline dumbbell curls as your second exercise.

"Examples Of Circuit Training Exercises"

  • Upper body exercises for circuit training can include: bench dips, press-ups, bench lift, medicine ball chest pass and inclined press up and dumbbell circuit training exercises;

  • Core & trunk exercises for circuit training can include: various stomach crunch exercises, sit ups, back extension chest raise;

  • Lower body exercises for circuit training can include: compass jumps, step-ups, squat jumps, stride jumps, bench squat, hopping shuttles and shuttle run and dumbbell circuit training exercises;

  • Total body exercises for circuit training can include: treadmills, burpees, skipping, squat thrusts, etc.

Please note! This is just a very small sample of exercises for circuit training at home or at a gym that can be used in basic programs.

What ways can you use the above sample exercises for circuit training programs? Here's just one of the many examples of how your programs can be set up.

Using the above examples of circuit exercises, a circuit can consist of: press-ups, treadmill, squat Jumps, bench dips, sit-ups and squat thrusts.

Using 8 circuit exercises, you can use: press ups, squat jumps, treadmill, squat thrusts, sit ups, shuttle run, bench dips, and back extension chest raise.

When setting up your circuit training at home make sure you use exercise that are specific to your needs. If you do you should notice the following benefits...

  • Increase your muscle strength and endurance.
  • Works great for almost any sports training.
  • Works for almost any age and fitness level.
  • Most circuit training programs are simple to do.
  • The list of circuit exercises you can choose from is almost endless.

There are literally hundreds of exercises you can do when it come to circuit training. Consult a fitness training expert if you need more information.

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