Confused About My Urologist Treatment

by Matt Parden
(Mobile, Al)

I scheduled to see a urologist & requested help with a very a high amount of trips (5-8) to the bathroom each night. No problem with prostrate size. He tried two different FDA drugs,no change. He started me on testosterone shots every two weeks. It solved my problem plus gave me little libido boost.

After taking the the shots for eight months, I experienced a total erection failure. My blood results total testosterone was over 1000 & free testosterone was 1.33 He gave me sales samples of Cialis and told me to come back next month. Had bad reaction to Cialis. Went to a endocrinology, two blood test indicated low free testosterone levels, no treatment offered. I have decided urologist don't have a clue as to how to help a guy with low free testosterone levels.

I think their is a click between the FDA & the medical industry to help their pockets rather than the patient. Yes, I am experiencing low testosterone symptoms.

If the medical profession allows a urologist to give you testosterone shots without the expertise to know what to do when hormones are out of balance seems unfair to me.

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