Is Creatine Cycling Required?

Many people promote creatine cycling but is it necessary?

A lot of people pay careful attention to supplements of all types and most would rather take them for a period of time and then stop the supplements for a set period…cycling.

Cycling for the most part only concerns fat burners or any stimulant based supplements. More natural products such as creatine, protein powders, etc. should not be an issue.

If you are trying to gain lean muscle and strength or trying to improve your sports performance then you really should be using creatine monohydrate on a very regular basis.

Now after you see strength and size increases and your gains level off should you give creatine monohydrate a break?

Some fitness experts do recommend giving the creatine a break at times only because they don’t like to see people dependent, even psychologically, upon anything.

It’s better to use supplements such as creatine to provide a boost without compromising the success your body is capable of maintaining through proper eating and exercise.

The challenge with creatine cycling is usually just a psychological one. You may lose a small amount of the strength you gained and will probably drop a few pounds on the scale. When you are using creatine your muscles will swell due to water retention and when it is discontinued some water will be sacrificed from muscle tissue.

The phosphorcreatine storage will also drop close to where it was prior to creatine supplementation resulting in a perception of the loss of strength.

creatine cycling

The way to handle this is to realize creatines value as a training aid to increase workout intensity and work loads.

If creatine monohydrate supplementation over a certain number of weeks resulted in a 6 pound weight gain and upon stopping you subsequently lost 4 pounds, it’s obvious the increased intensity of training and increase workload resulted in a net gain of two pounds of lean muscle.

It also means that by increasing your lean muscle you body has become more efficient at burning fat and that’s good really good.

“Creatine Cycling And Fat Loss”

If you do use creatine cycling then it could be suggested stopping the creatine just prior to a fat burning phase of your bodybuilding program. There are two main reasons for this.

First, when you are on a fat loss phase your focus will not be as directly tied to strength and muscle size as it is during other phases.

Secondly, creatine monohydrate sometimes causes a bit of a bloat blurring definition. When you resume your strength training and muscle size increases your creatine supplementation can resume.

“Is Creatine Safe?”

Is creatine safe? After many years of trainers and fitness experts recommending creatine and millions of people using it world wide on a constant basis it can unequivocally be called safe.

Yes it‘s true, creatine is safe.

Rumors of deaths, liver problems, etc. are basically based on falsely interpreted information. For the most part the only real issue anyone has concerning creatine is minor stomach upset.

This stomach upset is usually just caused by taking excessive dosages.

This of course be overcome by taking the recommended dosage or cycling now and then.

Is creatine safe? Yes it is but consult your physician if you have any concerns or questions.

Have You Ever Used Creatine?

Do you use any creatine supplements - what results did you see? Do you have any good tips about creatine supplementation? Do you have a good or unique story about your own experience with creatine supplements? Or do you have some good information that we may have missed? Share it!

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