Creatine Mixed With Alcohol

by Niall Geraghty

Is it true that if you drink alcohol while your on creatine it will cause kidney damage? Because I hear an awful lot of that and I'm not sure myself because I stay well away from alcohol for this very reason when on creatine. So is it true?

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Creatine and Alcohol
by: Mega

Well, as creatine already dehydrates the body it would be smart to stay clear of alcohol, for it too dehydrates the body. But I have been on a few cycles of creatine, and have been going out drinking twice aweek on average.

I always drank water in between alcoholic beverages, lots before and lots after a night of drinking. In conclusion,of course it would be ideal to stay away from alcohol while on creatine, sometimes this is hard to do. If you do decide to drink, just make sure to down lots and lots of water.

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