Will You Achieve Better Results By Taking Creatine With Sugar?

It’s time to talk about creatine with sugar. Is this really the best delivery system for creatine monohydrate?

In all honestly as far as the best delivery system goes there really is not one that is a clear-cut winner.

Creatine monohydrate powder mixed with water has shown to increase creatine phosphate levels in 80% of users.

Using it in water is clean, doesn’t interfere with fat release, and will not affect your energy levels.

However additional research has shown that the 20% who did not experience a creatine phosphate change with creatine and water were able to shuttle creatine into muscle tissue by bringing about an insulin spike. That’s where the idea that creatine with sugar aids in creatine transport came from.

What people often fail to realize is that studies have indicated that nearly 70g of sugar is needed per 5g of creatine to bring about a significant insulin spike. Mixing creatine monohydrate powder with grape juice or any fruit juice just won’t do it.

“Combining Creatine With Sugar
May Not Be Your Best Option”

You probably realize that if you begin taking introducing 70g or more sugar into your body in a daily basis, over time fat release and energy will be affected. Sodium is also involved in creatine transport as it appears to bond creatine to the insulin molecule.

Immediately after a workout when your body is ready to shift into a storage and repletion mode, if you consume some 70g of simple sugar along with electrolytes you will get more creatine into muscle and less will be converted into creatinine and excreted as waste.

With that information, you should be able to figure out the best strategy for optimizing creatine delivery. Creatine with sugar or plain creatine monohydrate powder with water.

“Creatine And Diabetes”

Now if you have type 2 diabetes and do not have any kidney problems is creatine good for you.

creatine with sugar

Some doctors say that it is not a good idea to take creatine if you have type 2 diabetes but is there any basis to this or are many doctors just uninformed about creatine and diabetes?

What if your diet is under control?

Creatine monohydrate should not have any impact on blood sugar. It is absorbed in the intestinal tract and transported into the muscles where it is converted into creatine phosphate.

It may alter creatinine levels only because creatine that is not absorbed and use can be converted into creatinine, but there should not be any reason to be concerned about it interfering with diabetes control.

Two additional comments, there is some research to suggest that creatine absorption is assisted by an insulin spike, plus many creatine formulas increase their price tags by promoting many different sugar  added products.

Those are formulas you want to avoid if you have any concerns about creatine and diabetes. Plain creatine monohydrate powder in water works just fine for most people, with or without an insulin spike.

Secondly, by closely monitoring glucose levels immediately before and the day after the initial use of creatine should put your mind at ease.

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