Creatine Worked For Me

by Jason

Back in 2000 I started lifting with the main goal of gaining weight and looking better. I was 18 at the time, ending my last year in high school. For the first 6 months I dedicated myself to a very heavy lifting schedule and diet high in protien and carbs with a minimum of 3 solid meals a day.

I gained about 15 pounds in muscle mass and then it just stoped. It didn't matter how much I worked or how hard I pushed myself I couldn't gain any more mass.

So I decided to try creatine. With the same workout dedication I almost instantly started gaining muscle and strength again. After another 6 months or so I gained another 15 pounds of weight and my bench press went from 250 to about 335 pounds.

The moral of the story is creatine worked for me with no bad side affects at all. One realy good side affect was it cut my muscle healing time in half. Before I would be sore for a couple of days, and after creatine maybe 24 hours.

The only down side to this whole story is after graduation I stoped lifting and within about 3 months or so I was right back down to the weight I started at the year prior.

I love lifting and always will but with all the responsbility life brings I don't have time to, and to be honest it really is a let down to work so hard and long for something, and have it disappear when you have to focus your attention on something else for a little while.

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