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Before getting into specific diet reviews lets first take a look at diets in general.

Reviews are needed to sort through the countless fad diets that you are presented with on a daily basis on infomercial, in magazines and online.

Since most men and women today are concerned about their diet and some are obsessed over it, the information compiled here is meant to give you some insight and help you determine if a particular diet is right for you.

Let’s take a look at why most people, maybe you included, continue to fail in their dieting and weight loss efforts?

One of the main reasons is that you probably don't select a healthy diet program that's geared towards your specific needs.

It's estimated that adults spend close to six billion dollars each year on dieting & weight loss products and diet programs that are completely useless and in some cases very unsafe.

Is it any wonder that you and millions continue to fail in your dieting efforts?

With the diet reviews you'll find on this site you will be able to determine just what one is right for you and the goals you have and which ones you should stay away from.

For any diet to work properly, your body needs to be fueled properly. This means that regardless of the diet program you use, you must provide your body with sufficient nutrition and replace missing nutrients with a high quality multi vitamin/mineral supplement.

With all diets a key factor in your success is following the instructions properly. It's been found that even if most choose a healthy and effective diet, most fail to follow it properly. This will result in failure each and every time.

With any properly planned out diet plan, regardless if it's one that's included in our diet reviews or not, you don't have to be perfect all the time. It's almost impossible to be perfect on any diet all the time.

But in order for the success you're looking for, you need to at the very least take it seriously and make it a priority in your lifestyle.

Be aware that regardless of the diet you decide to try, you will have the odd 'bad diet day'. Just make sure you get back on track as soon as you can. After you read though our diet reviews you'll be able to stop wasting money on health and fitness products that don't work!

"General Guidelines For Any Diet Reviews"

Regardless of the type of diet, unless it's strictly a vegetarian diet you're looking for, try to stay away from vegetarian sources of protein; they do not contain the proper amino acid structure needed for high-quality protein intake.

The best protein sources are whey, lean beef, chicken, turkey, tuna, salmon and eggs. But make sure when it comes to meat protein, select lean choices. You can also use lower fat dairy products.

Of course, you must also make sure you limit your intake of fried foods and other high-fat snacks.

Try to consume food and oils that are rich in essential fatty acids, such as, fish, nuts, seeds, flax oil, and salmon.

As mentioned earlier, you must make sure that you take a high quality, daily multi vitamin / mineral supplement. This is not an option. This is an essential point that can't be stressed enough because of the restrictions of all the plans in our diet plan reviews, you cannot get the essential nutrients you need just from the diet itself.

So again, take a very high-quality multi vitamin / mineral supplement daily!

Try to limit the amount of caffeine you drink. Caffeine severely dehydrates your muscles and will remove calcium from your bones.

Drink as much water as you possibly can each day. As far as exact amount to drink, it's usually recommended that you drink 2 to 3 litres, but a better rule of thumb is to drink as much as you possibly can.

Try to avoid or at least limit the amount of alcohol you drink.

One of the most important things you can do is to exercise on a regular basis. This should include weight training and different types of cardiovascular exercise.

"Do Any Diet Book Reviews Uncover
A Secret To Losing Weight?"

Sort of, but whether you have 5 pounds or 50 pounds to lose, the only way you can do it is to become properly informed and use the tools that are available to help you succeed.

This entire health and fitness website includes far-reaching information specific to your needs, which makes it easy to understand what you must do to reach your weight loss, fitness, nutrition or general health goals. So take your time and go over it carefully and come back often.

Did you know that more than 40 nutrients are needed in your diet for good health. No one food contains all the nutrients in the amounts needed. Thus you need different kinds of foods in your diet, and should supplement with at least a very good daily multi vitamin/mineral product.

Nowadays most of us want to know how many calories we need to burn during the day, week or month in order to get the benefits that we know exercise provides. On average most today eat about 5-10% fewer calories than in 1900.

Nonetheless, most seem to be fatter than back then. Why? Because most were much more active in 1900 than today. So even if you cut back on what you eat, decreases in activity lead to a gain of a couple pounds of fat each year.

The key is total energy expenditure, the calories you burn each day. Think about how much money you currently spend on your health with different types of products including; pills, powders and other things to help you improve your over-all health and fitness.

"Final Thoughts On Diet Reviews"

One important point that must be stressed here concerning all the good and bad diets you'll find in our diet reviews and others is this:

You cannot get enough calcium or the proper type of calcium from the food you eat on any of the diets covered in our diet reviews. You need to try and take an additional calcium supplement daily and coral calcium is by far your best choice.

We have explored the calcium factor on each of the diet reviews we've done and the one constant is that you cannot get the calcium you need from any of the diets we've included.

But unfortunately not all coral calcium is equal. Some is above sea while other coral calcium is extracted from below the sea. The above sea coral calcium is by far the best. It is pure, completely free of contaminants and provides the best benefits.

And the below sea processing, because of the high level of contaminants, has to go through a process which virtually destroys all of the benefits of coral calcium, so stick with an above sea brand.

Another important reason to add in Above Sea Coral Calcium, if you use any of the programs contained in our diet reviews, is that coral calcium will dramatically improve the bio-availability of the nutrients you consume that are talked about in the diet reviews.

And "Above Sea Coral Calcium" has also been shown in extensive studies to help control body fat. So it will help you to speed up the weight loss process; which is what our diet reviews are geared to help you do in the first place.

Since it improves bio-availability of nutrients, your muscles will use more of the nutrients you give them, such as protein, vitamin C (which helps in muscle recovery) and many others vitamins, minerals etc.

This is an important factor that's missing from all of the diet plans in the diet reviews. The diet programs that do work are all lacking in this key area.

This means you'll see better results much sooner. So again, if you are using any of the diet plans or programs that we cover in our reviews, try to take Above Sea Coral Calcium.

The Review Of Diet Programs Comes Up With Your The Truth About Six Pack Abs
There are literally thousands of different diet programs available, but which one is the right one for you? The ones that work extremely well have some things in common, such as being personalized to your exact goals and needs. They are also very customizable and fit into your lifestyle with ease.

Do You Use A Good
Diet That You Really Like?

Do you have a unique and effective diet to help reduce your weight or body fat? Or do you have some good diet information that we may have missed? Share it!

Don't just say "I use XYZ Diet". Tell us what you eat, when you eat it, add any recipes you use, let us know how you feel and what results you've seen while on it.

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