Practical Exercise Equipment Reviews

These exercise equipment reviews will give you honest facts about fitness equipment that will help you reach your fitness goals, regardless of what your goals may be.

These equipment reviews will help you determine the type of exercise equipment you need in order to reach your own individual goals and will help you make cost-saving decisions.

The fitness equipment you buy should be specific to your individual needs depending on your health, fitness and quality of life goals.

Not all exercise equipment is created equal and it's very important that you realize this fact.

Unfortunately, not everyone has the time to go to a gym 4 – 5 days a week.

Most gyms today are very over crowded so you can't get a proper workout in anyway.

If you aren't interested in the details of our equipment reviews below but want to get equipment that is cost effective, will get you the results you want and with no hassle, then you should check out many of the online exercise equipment companies that can give you all of this and many more benefits.

However, make sure you check out many different ones as the prices and return policies can vary greatly.

"You Need To Read These
Exercise Equipment Reviews"

While doing research for our fitness equipment reviews we found that companies who offer online purchases tend to be better than that of regular exercise equipment stores.

There are so many reasons why a lot of people have chosen to workout at home rather than buy a gym membership.

But before you can decide if it's better to workout at home or use a gym, you need to know a few important details by reading our fitness equipment reviews below.

There are literally thousands of different pieces of exercise equipment out there with dozens of different models, so how are you to know what exercise equipment to use?

"Exercise Equipment Tips"

Exercise Equipment Reviews Tip #1:

 In order to have the greatest advantage and reach your goals you have to exercise consistently but if you're performing it on the wrong exercise equipment, you're missing out.

You'll always see many people at different gyms who spend 4 days a week, 60 minutes at a time, on different pieces of exercise equipment who don’t lose weight!

This is due to the fact that they aren't using the proper exercise equipment that's best for weight loss, toning & firming muscles and for over-all health.

Through different articles in magazines, or on infomercials on T.V., consumers have been led to believe that to achieve weight loss, all you have to do is regular aerobic exercise on any cardio exercise equipment.

There's so much more to losing weight and realizing the lean, sexy body you want, than using cardio exercise equipment. Cardio exercise equipment is important but it isn't the only exercise equipment you should be using.

If your aerobic exercise isn't supplemented with weights or other strength conditioning exercise equipment, to at least maintain muscle mass, you cannot lose weight quickly have the ability to build a sexy, lean body.

"Exercise Equipment Reviews
And Guidelines Continued..."

Exercise Equipment Reviews Tip #2:

Not all exercise equipment is created equal. Just because a salesperson in an exercise equipment store tells you that you need certain exercise equipment, it doesn't mean that you do.

When you go into any exercise equipment store you'll see lots and lots of different pieces of fancy, shiny exercise equipment.

Exercise equipment such as: stationary bikes, treadmills, stairmasters, free weights, bars, dumbbells, home Gyms and the list goes on and on.

Yes, the equipment looks great but exactly what exercise equipment do you need?

If the salesperson doesn't sit down with you to discuss your goals and evaluate them with you, (which none of these people anywhere has ever done) it's impossible for them to know what is right for you.

Their only agenda is to sell you as much as they can, regardless if the exercise equipment will help you or not!

Remember, they're just trying to get a so they can make the commission on the equipment, they're not interested in listening to your needs.

Exercise Equipment Reviews Tip #3:

You must, regardless of your goals, lift weights and have a good weight-training program using effective exercise equipment, included in your over-all fitness regime.

Exercise Equipment Reviews Tip #4:

Shopping for exercise equipment can be difficult, that's why these exercise equipment reviews are here.

That's also why you should look for a company that provides articles, buying guides, and comparison charts to make the selection process easier.

Some other things to look for when buying exercise equipment as determined by our exercise equipment reviews:

  • Look for stores that carry an extensive line of high quality exercise equipment;
  • Pick equipment with the features you want, not the exercise equipment that a salesperson is trying to sell you;
  • Warranties should be extensive and impressive for all the exercise equipment that you find in most stores;
  • Sales mean big savings for you;
  • Look for a store that has payment plans. All good equipment stores should offer this.

"Exercise Equipment Reviews Of
Cardio Exercise Equipment..."

Exercise Equipment Reviews Tip #5:

Not all cardio exercise equipment is created equal. Believe it or not, some exercise equipment is much more efficient at burning calories.

Instead of going over detailed information on what cardio exercise equipment doesn't work, let's take a good look at what does, in particular, the treadmill.

As you're probably already aware, good quality treadmills offer a superb way of getting a first-rate cardio workout. Most of them are very easy to use and convenient.

As far as cardio equipment goes, the treadmill can provide a lot of different levels of workouts - for the seasoned runner, or a beginner trying to get into shape.

But the biggest problem you will face when looking for cardio exercise equipment like a treadmill is trying to decide what model you should buy, what manufacturer and how much you should spend?

And with this type of exercise equipment there are tons of choices ranging from very cheap to equipment that will set you back $10,000 or more!

Treadmills burn almost as many fat calories as running outside, but it has a number of very important advantages over other cardio exercise equipment, as determined by our exercise equipment reviews, such as...

  • There's very little shock on the joints;
  • You can use it when the weather is bad;
  • It does burn a tremendous amount of calories;
  • On most treadmills you can program in different types of running to make it more enjoyable;
  • You can keep track of your heart rate with the monitors built in;
  • Most are very easy and natural to use.

Of course there are other pieces of cardio equipment but as a result of our exercise equipment reviews we’ve found that the treadmill is still far superior to all the new types that are coming on to the market.

Some treadmills are very expensive, the good ones that is. This is truly a case of "you get what you pay for".

Exercise Equipment Reviews Tip #6:

If you're going to buy cardio exercise equipment, the first step is determining the price you're willing to pay for it. When it comes to good quality cardio equipment, be prepared to pay quite a lot.

If you just get cheap cardio exercise equipment, you'll have more problems than you could ever imagine. The good equipment on the other hand, will last for a very long time and are usually problem-free.

Basically there are two types of treadmills...

Non-Motorized - very simple and cheap.

There's no motor, the belt turns as you take steps.

Obviously, the benefit of this type of treadmill is that there's much less to go wrong. No computerized or major mechanical parts to worry about.

And of course, they only cost a couple hundred dollars, sometimes even less than that. But it's a fact that they are useless, as determined by our exercise equipment reviews of them!

Stay away from them at all costs. You may want to get one because of the price, but don't. You will regret it later on. You won't get the same results as you will with a motorized one. If it's all you can afford, you’d be better off to try running instead.

The best is of course the motorized treadmills.

With these, a motor turns the belt you walk or run on. Most have an incline option (this increases the intensity of your workout), it's a benefit to have one that does have this feature.

As far as power goes, more is generally better. Unfortunately, it's also more expensive.

Exercise Equipment Reviews Tip #7:

If you're an experienced runner, you'll probably need a treadmill that generates 2hp of continuous power. If you aren't at the stage where you can run and just plan to walk, (which is ok in the beginning) anywhere between 1 and 1.5 hp should do.

The more you spend on a motorized treadmill, the better and more efficient it is.

Good cardio exercise equipment will do a tremendously effective job in keeping you motivated and help you reach your goals very quickly.

Using exercise equipment at home is a lot more convenient and you can save a ton of money in the long run.

Exercise Equipment Reviews Tip #8:

Regardless of what your goals are, losing fat, increasing strength, increasing lean toned muscle, or just maintaining your current physical condition, the proper exercise equipment & exercise information will ensure your success.

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