Exercises And Fitness At 40+

by Debbie
(Fort Walton Beach)

I used to exercise religiously when I was in my early to late 30's. A move in my career, pursuing college and moving from my home town hindered me from working out for approx 4-5 years.

I have recently begun an exercise regiment and the results are slow. I have very skinny legs, but a pretty good side rear. My arms are very easy to bulk up but not my legs. I do four sets of squats with the first reps at 15 and the next three at 10. The next exercise I do is leg extensions max weight four sets 10-12 reps; followed with reverse lunges (20 lb dumbbells); three sets with ten reps on each side.

After that I do hamstring curls on my bench three sets 10 reps. Lastly, I do 18-20 reps of calve raises for four sets. First set on one leg and switch to the other leg for the second set. Third set is both legs 25 reps and last set is 25 reps. I do this twice a week with Turbo jam abs and cardio two days a week. I've kept up with this regiment since Mid January and I'm just not seeing the results I want.

Many people say that skinny legs are genetic and without illegal drugs I will never have big legs. My diet is fair to good, but I do smoke. Could smoking have something to do with my progress? My good friend works out and she has huge beautiful legs, skinny arms and smokes too.

I hate my skinny legs and there seems to be nothing to do about it.


I just started to join my co-workers on their daily walk so that I can get my M-F workout in as I hate to exercise before or after work... I have only been walking for about 6 weeks now, but have noticed that my right heel is killing me.

It doesn't hurt as much when I'm walking, but boy I feel it when I get out of the bed in the morning. I know that I'm not 20 any longer and joined that 40+ group, but I'm only about 10 - 15 lbs over weights and feel that I shouldn't be experiencing this type of pain.

Any suggestions before I run to the doctors?


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