Fire Hydrant Butt Exercises

by Amber

When I was in high school I ran cross country and track all four years. During practices we would have to work on our "core exercises". One of these, called fire hydrants, worked really well on our hamstrings and butts.

To perform this butt exercise, first get down on your hands and knees. Then slowly raise one knee out the side until it is parallel with the ground. Finish by slowly lowering the leg.

Repeat 10 times on each leg.

As your muscles get stronger you will be able to do more and build more muscle.

Feel the burn.

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An Easy But Effective Butt Exercise!
by: Carla

Sit down on floor or mat with knees at your chest, and feet planted on the ground.

Keeping legs in this position, lay back until your back is straight on the floor.

Now place arms out at your sides in a comfortable position on the floor.

Raise hips (and buttocks) toward the ceiling while tensing these muscles when fully elevated. This is one.

I repeat 50 times and then hold "one" for 30 or 40 seconds. It's a good, quick and easy workout, and can be adjusted to fit your needs and abilities.

by: Anonymous

Wow! I actually feel the burn. I don't feel a burn when I do squats, but I love this exercise! Thanks for the tip!

We do these as one of the exercises in my classes. They *burn* but they're great for your legs and butt!

Thank You!
by: Stephanie

These really do work! They're tough but I can tell they're getting me in shape. I've never seen this exercise before, thanks so much for sharing!

Making Them Worse? Better?
by: Anonymous

Those work really well.

For an extra challenge, take the arm on the same side as the kicking leg, and tuck it behind your back. You'll need to rotate the shoulders so they're "stacked" in order to maintain balance, but it really adds a new level to these!

Thank You
by: Anonymous

These actually work, I'm going on a school trip to Iceland in 5 weeks and we will be swimming each night and at the moment my butt is actually really saggy :/ but I can actually feel these working :) hopefully my butt will be sexy in time :) Thank you

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