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Because of the number of different types of fitness training programs that pop up on the internet and in magazines every day you can become very confused very quickly.

Most of those same fitness programs contain information about fitness training supplements, periodization and tons of other information.

Why, then, after reading all those articles, aren't you as big and lean and strong and ripped as you want to be? Why, if you are an athlete, aren't you the star athlete you want to be?

The simple answer is...

You've been conditioned and have come to understand several individual components of the types of fitness training programs that will take you there. You just haven't learned to put all the pieces together.

In order for the functional fitness training programs you use to be as effective as possible, you've got to take all the little bits and pieces of knowledge you have learned and link them together in the fitness training programs that work.

That's what you'll learn to do here and in other sections on this fitness training website.

"Functional Fitness Training"

All effective fitness programs have to focus on the implementation of strength and growth training. And in that lies the essence of any body development result you want to achieve from fitness training programs, be it fat burning, muscularity, size or athletic performance.

Most people seek out the perfect types of fitness training from friends, gym members, coaches, and magazines, and although all you may have tried many, none of those types of fitness training have really kicked in the way you had hoped.

That's really because perfect types of fitness training for everyone don't exist. The idea is to challenge and feed your muscles with functional fitness training that provides a stimulus that brings about improvement and then, just before your body adapts to that stimulus, provide it with new challenges without overtraining.

While general guidelines of muscle development apply to most, if not all fitness training programs, you are an individual with individual strengths, unique recuperation and recovery abilities and your own metabolism, therefore, once you understand and apply the general rules, you learn to self customize the specifics of your functional fitness training.

Regardless of your goals, you have to have control over the composition of your body. The vital prerequisite to determining how fast you will reach your goals, how impressive your physical appearance is and how much your athletic performance improves is how effective your fitness training programs are in building new muscle.

Not only will new, lean muscle size allow you to burn more fat, to reveal a lean, muscular, impressive physique, but muscle itself is a site where fat is burned. Even if the only goal you have with the different types of fitness training you perform is to shed that fat layer, the development of new muscle will provide the perfect environment for fat burning.

"The Basics Of Effective
Fitness Training Programs"

If the focus of your fitness training programs is to lose weight or gain muscle and you don't have a concern for muscle maintenance or gain, you will just be wasting your time and you will fail.

You may have been introduced to fitness training and strength training programs in general, just like most people, athletes included. Going to the gym 3 times each week doing the "big three" basic compound exercises – bench press, squats and bent over rows.

For most people doing something like this will work – at least for a short time.

Then you begin to do things that you notice other people in the gym doing. You start doing supersets, forced reps, etc. You soon add in leg press, deadlifts, etc. In short, you begin to move into what's referred to as being an advanced lifter.

Why then as you gain more experience do your gains come to a halt?

The reason for this is that the types of fitness training you are using have caused you to train beyond your body's ability to fully recuperate or you were attempting to force your body to adapt to new level of training far beyond that which you needed to stimulate a positive change.

Of course, if you want to make gains, whether it's muscle size, sports performance, etc. you have to use fitness training programs that will stimulate a great number of muscles all once.

If you want to grow you have to stimulate those muscle fibers most prone to hypertrophy. In physiological circles, these are referred to as fast twitch muscle fibers.

To get the greatest fast twitch response you need to use weights that are heavy enough to bring your muscles to a point of momentary muscular failure in the lower rep ranges.

"Breakthroughs In Different
Types Of Fitness Training"

If you're looking for new advanced functional fitness training or revolutionary breakthroughs, you might be surprised to find out how simple the secret to optimizing the types of fitness training programs you're doing actually is.

In fact, we wouldn't be the least bit offended if you found the information throughout this section on fitness functional fitness training to be fairly basic.

Are there supplements that work? Sure!

And after helping you understand the basics about functional fitness training you'll have the chance to explore other areas of this website for information on how to incorporate an effective supplement program into almost all types of fitness training programs.

But understand this, you need to learn and grasp the necessary basics of the many different types of fitness training routines there are.

After over 20 years of helping people reshape their bodies, athletes in all sports raising their performance to unsurpassed levels, we can state without any trepidation that in almost every case the more advanced the frustrated athlete, the more they have stepped away from the basic concepts of functional fitness training that will ensure results in their progress.

If you want to get into better shape, and have already trained so hard you're amazed your muscles aren't popping out of your skin, stop looking for the miracle, and let's re-examine what it takes to get results in the first place.

Learn to build muscle, learn to then shape the musculature or contour of your body, and finally learn to incinerate fat, and you'll have mastery over your body and your performance.

In basic physiology terms, your muscle tissue is made up of muscle fibers, and while there are several subcategories within the realm of muscle fiber types, we can simplify things by dividing muscle fiber types into two distinctive types that are critical to the success of all types of fitness training, fast twitch and slow twitch.

Your fast twitch fibers are the muscle fibers that are called into action most readily to handle all out efforts when you are in the gym, competing in a sporting event or doing power moves.

Fast twitch fibers are those fibers most prone to growth and increases in strength. In addition if you have a high proportion of these muscle fibers and focus on low rep training using heavyweights during different types of fitness training you'll develop a power lifter look.

"All Types Of Fitness Training Routines
Have Many Things In Common"

Slow twitch fibers receive a greater proportional involvement of work and will bring a muscle or muscle group to failure in higher rep ranges. Endurance exercise is far more likely to bring the slow twitch fibers into play.

Variations in Functional Fitness Training will bring about varying involvement from the different fibers in the different parts of each muscle. So if you want optimal muscle development, the best results from your fitness training programs, maximum sports performance, you'll want to strategically combine high and low rep training.

Although there be many variations in basic types of fitness training keep in mind that all result oriented fitness training programs will utilize some combination of high rep training and low rep training.

Help Others With Their Fitness Challenges

It’s a fact, all over the world there are many who share your fitness goals and are experiencing the same fitness challenges you are. They would all be very interested in knowing how you succeeded. What helped you, was it a certain type of fitness training program or exercise?

Or do you have some good fitness information or tips that we may have missed? Share it and help inspire others!

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