Which Of The Five Cellulite Myths Busted Do You Believe Is True?

The five cellulite myths busted are very much thought of as fact in todays society.

Everyone looks for something that will make them look younger or more attractive and therefore will often fall victim to many different marketing messages and most of the cellulite myths that you'll find here.

Cellulite strikes fear in hundreds of thousands of people each year throughout North America alone.

Cellulite and more importantly, how to get rid of cellulite has become a very popular and controversial subject in the world of health and fitness.

The cellulite reduction treatment information you'll find here and how to effectively get rid of cellulite is an over-view of the many cellulite facts along with information to help educate and inform you.

Now with recent advances in cellulite reduction treatment there does seem to be some, but very few, methods that are not only very effective but safe as well.

"First...What Is Cellulite?"

A popular fashion magazine of the past actually was the first to come up with the word cellulite.

Twenty years ago The Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) made a statement claiming that cellulite is not any known medical condition.

Cellulite is the fatty deposits under your skin that gives your skin an appearance of being dimpled or some say, having an orange peel appearance.

For the most part women suffer from cellulite at a much high percentage than men because a womans fat is in short, arranged in different chambers separated by collagen fibers.

There are fibrous strands of tissue connecting your skin to deeper tissue layers. This produces areas of regular fatty cells. When these fat cells begin to get bigger the areas containing the fact cells will increase causing the appearance in your skin mentioned above.

Obviously people who are obese or even over weight will tend to have an excessive amount of cellulite. At least that's what you’d tend to think, isn't it?

But the fact is that even clinically obese people are not guaranteed to see any cellulite on their body. A lot of obese people show no signs of cellulite at all.

Here's another fact about cellulite to add to the five cellulite myths busted: A lot of people who are in decent physical shape can also suffer from unsightly cellulite.

Cellulite for the most part is genetic so it doesn't mean you'll see any cellulite on your body or have to think about the five cellulite myths busted if your are thin or clinically obese.

It comes down to hormones, pregnancy, aging, etc. that help to promote the build up of cellulite in your body. Most people who suffer from cellulite will experience a more noticeable amount on the hips, butt and/or thighs.

One other notable fact to add to five cellulite myths busted is that some people who do have cellulite on their body do not notice it in their younger years because they have thicker than normal skin.

But unfortunately, as you age your skin becomes thinner and therefore the cellulite will tend to become more noticeable.

"Five Cellulite Myths Busted"

#1 Of Five Cellulite Myths Busted: Only women can suffer from unsightly cellulite.

This is definitely a myth. Many men all over the world do suffer from cellulite and thousands each year seek out the very same treatment methods as women do.

#2 Of Five Cellulite Myths Busted: There are many great cellulite burning exercises.

Actually, as you've learned in the information above, it doesn't matter if you are physically fit or clinically obese. You can still develop cellulite, so therefore there are no such things as cellulite burning exercises.

The one plus about being fit is that due to a much lower body fat level you may be less likely to have fat deposits that turn into cellulite.

So exercise and stay fit.

#3 Of Five Cellulite Myths: If you drink an excessive amount of water you'll be able to reduce your cellulite.

This myth has been around since the term cellulite first became popular. Unfortunately, water intake has nothing to do with cellulite and will not make any difference at all.

#4 Of Five Cellulite Myths: Liposuction is the best method of removing cellulite stores.

Actually we have an extensive article elsewhere on this site that will fully explain liposuction and it's effect on cellulite. Here we'll just let you know that it is not the best cellulite reduction treatment.

This is due to the fact that, because of the fibrous tissue that causes cellulite and by taking out the fat under the skin, you can end up with a "honeycomb" appearance.

With that being said, ultrasonic liposuction may be able to eliminate this honeycomb effect to a certain degree.

#5 Of Five Cellulite Myths: If you eat a nutritious diet you'll avoid cellulite build up.

You of course should always eat healthy but to date there is not any food that will prevent or treat cellulite.

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