How Low Testosterone Is Affecting My Life And Who I Am

by Ophecius
(Baltimore, MD)

Low Testosterone started affecting me after major stressful events occurred in my life starting at 23 and present. I am not a doctor, but I have down my own way of thinking in scientific terms. I do not want to bore anyone with how this low testosterone messed me up so much, but to give you some insight.

First you don't need to be a rocket scientist to figure out that testosterone controls your mental abilities. As of now I am suffering from more then one symptoms which is causing a domino affect.

Here are just a few mental abilities of mine being affected.

Depression, Sadness, lack of self confidence, motivation, anti social, no desire for sex, afraid of pretty girls, can not tell the difference between right and wrong, feel out of sync with life in general. Making wrong decisions, can not control stress, NEGATIVE thoughts and actions, and no mental energy/fuel for the mind. All of my mental senses are off track. And the worse of all. NO DESIRE FOR SEX... inability to learn new things.

Physical affects of low testosterone in me:

Don't gain any muscle, sweat a lot, I get tired very easily, my genitals are shrunk to a child's size, my nuts hurt, Extreme hair loss, teeth look and feel like an old mans, my facial hair will not grow properly, cant sleep well and or at all sometimes. And of course there is much more.

I am screwed because most people who are naturally healthy or have naturally healthy bodies are able to bounce back from these types of symptoms. I however can not because, my body can not produce enough hormones to do so.

Go see a doctor. Do NOT TAKE ANTI DEPRESSANTS or anything of the sort. Get your blood work done to test out your hormones. DO NOT use steroids, or any drugs before you know and understand the risks. If you have a good size nut sack/penis, then consider working out, eating properly, jogging when feeling sad, and herbal natural stuff before you use other things.

You guys who have two balls should be grateful and happy. If you had one ball, you would end up like me. Low testosterone can and will destroy your life, your happiness, and most importantly who you are inside as a person.

I am 28 years old. I look 40, and feel like I am 55 to 60.

And I am emotional like a woman.

Seriously, god could not bless me with a proper nut sack? Maybe that is why
I am getting divorced. =]

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Testosterone Frustration
by: Anonymous

Seems to me that most Doctors really have no idea about the severity of symptoms of Low Testosterone, all they want to do is medicate you so that you will pay their fee and keep coming back for more.

I have known that I had a prob for ten years or more but it took those 10 years to find a sympathetic doctor. I am only just being prescribed Testogel but after reading what I have recently am hoping that there wioll be a complete turnaround in my health.

Good luck to all of you.

How To Live A Full Life With Low Testosterone
by: Anonymous

My Dear I have a son with your condition and we have known since birth.

The first thing to do is accept your condition and remind yourself every single day how fortunate your are to have a problem that is not visual. Look at the limbless and cerebral palsy.

Also after starting testesterone be sure to check your thyroid as it goes haywire with testesterone shots.

Go out there love life and live life to the fullest. If you feel down walk into into a hospital or orphanage and volunteer for one hour for an instant pick me up. This is almost selfish as it is so theraupatic.

I know how you feel about low testosterone
by: Anonymous

I also feel exactly the same as you. Had testosterone test at doctors, came back very low (but on there scale), they said I was fine. What a joke. Has destroyed my life, memory gone, feel emotional, no libedom, etc etc etc.

Hang In There
by: Anonymous

I am 34 and feel EXACTLY the way you describe. Are you on Hormone Replacement Therapy? Androgel? Talk to your doc, sometimes topical doesn't work and they have to go to injections, etc.

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