How My Personal Trainer Helped Me Rebuild My Bones

by Jane

Personal Trainers Are Great

Personal Trainers Are Great

My personal fitness trainer suggested that I start using a weight training vest to help me get strong bones.

I was a candidate for osteoporosis so I got the vest. My fitness trainer said the NYKNYC weight training vest was great because it was made for women. It's very sleek and with the right amount of weight for a woman, not a bodybuilder or a man.

I only want to strengthen my bones and tone up and firm up my body to look and feel great.

The NYKNYC Sleek Vest made it possible to get back some of the bone density that I had lost, and best of all I can wear my vest anytime, anywhere because it looks like clothing not exercise or fitness equipment.

Not only have I have gotten back my bone density, I have also been increasing my strength and now have great stamina as well.


Being a personal trainer and coach, I would never underestimate the benefits of resistance training and I have added weighted vests to some of my own workouts, they truly are a benefit.

However, this specific vest (whether it's a great product or not) comes from a company with very poor business mechanics. Despite the quality of their product, which I will never know as they refuse to exchange or refund a vest with frayed threads, this company does not operate very business-savvy or customer-friendly. In my experience, they are rude, inconsiderate of the consumer, and speak to the customer harshly and illogically.

What happened to the customer is
always right? at the very least, shouldn't someone paying YOU for YOUR service be given some respect for their interest in your product?

The actual vest may be a great addition to your workouts, health, and fitness...but the NYK company itself is not one that I would EVER use again. My opinion--they simply operate their company with very low business standards. Best of luck in your health and fitness gains, and congratulations for your accomplishments thus far!!!


I was reading the comment on the weight vest. I was diagnosed one and a half years ago with osteoporosis and my doctor tried to make me use the drugs on the market to rebuild my lost bones.Thank God I did not listen to him as I am now hearing horror stories about how women have lost jaw bones and teeth and had organ failure by using those drugs boneva and flosamax and all the other garbage out there .

I want to tell women with osteoporosis that you can naturally re build bone that you lost with a weight vest. Because it is sleek and pretty you can use it like clothing and so you can weight train anywhere anytime to strengthen your bones!

Also try taking large amounts of a good yogurt, and get an organic one without sugar or artificial ingredients , try browncow or something real. Long story short I am feeling strong and my doctor said I re gained more bone mass over the last year!! Hooray for yogurt and just walking with the vest is great.

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