How Vitamins Improved My Health

by Rehab

Benefits Of Vitamin C

Benefits Of Vitamin C

I have noticed recently that my health has been much better than it was before. Especially when I start taking Vitamin tablets daily. I have noticed that i don't feel sick or tired and I have noticed that my body works very well.

As a positive benefit, I started advising my family and my friends to start taking vitamins because of its powerful benefits upon my health and my activity everyday.

Anyway, I am pleased again to advise everybody to take vitamins as it is very important for our health and because we need to have at least five pieces of fruits and vegetables daily and as I noticed that no body is able to do this daily.


I am 27 and have been taking a multi-vitamin way back when I had "Dino" Flintstone vitamins!

I "think" they are doing me good, therefore they are helping me maintain a healthy weight and lifestyle. It could just be placebo effect, but I take a multi vitamin that contains about as much caffeine as a cup of coffee and I DO feel the effects of that so I know it definitely has that in it.

I suffer from ADD and general Anxiety so the caffeine helps with the ADD in getting me focused and motivated, but later my Anxiety seems to be worse, but going to the gym, eating a healthy diet, and gettign enough are vital. Finding ways to distress are equally and bubble baths are a good relief.

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