Interested In The Popular Icon Treadmills?

Icon treadmills actually cover a very wide array of brand name treadmills and other fitness equipment under recognized names.

Icon, the world's largest manufacturer of treadmills for both home and commercial use makes an entire array of exercise equipment.

This includes; Healthrider treadmills, Weider treadmills, Reebok treadmills, Weslo treadmills and Nordic Track treadmills.

Icon fitness consistently leads in the fitness industry, demonstrating its uniqueness in design and development as a fitness leader by delivering state-of-the-art equipment for the past quarter of a century.

Icon claims to produce over 3.9 million pieces high quality fitness equipment each year. This is a huge amount of exercise equipment from one company. This alone says a lot for the treadmills.

As mentioned before, icon accounts for some of the best known brands of treadmills and other types of exercise equipment and they also license the very popular Gold's Gym brands.

They don't just manufacture exercise equipment either, they are deeply involved with marketing, research, development and industrial design for the above mentioned product lines.

The various brand names are probably very recognizable to you. Most consumers associate these brands with high quality and high performance.

"Icon Treadmills Continue To Impress"

Icon Image Treadmills have experienced impressive growth over the past quarter of a century or so. They have a massive facility just for design and testing of their many treadmills.

In this location they design, manufacture and test all of the plastic, mechanical, electrical and design engineering capabilities that are used in creating their many lines of exercise equipment.

This company also holds hundreds of patents and has many patent applications pending on new technology for many unique and effective pieces of exercise equipment.

Icon fitness is one of the very few exercise equipment companies that actually does spend millions of dollars in research and development.

It is also a unique company in its ability to design and engineer new product enhancements in a very short period of time. This has continued to enable it to release new products and react in a fast manner to market demands.

Icon fitness and its many brands are very popular and do work considerably well for a reasonable price. If they didn't, icon fitness would not have been in business as long as they have with the incredible growth they still continue to experience.

Icon treadmills are definitely a good choice.

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