A Close Look At The Lesser Known Keys Fitness Treadmills

Most of the features on the keys fitness treadmills are also found on many top of the line treadmills but at a lower cost.

Unfortunately with most treadmills it certainly is a case of you get what you pay for.

Sure they've got good warranties but if certain treadmills are breaking down all the time and have to be fixed then the warranties are useless because you buy exercise equipment to use it not to continually have it fixed.

The biggest problem with keys treadmills has to do mostly with the belt.

It doesn't matter how much you would adjust or tighten the belt it always seemed to slip and move around.

You can't exercise properly if you have to continually adjust it every few minutes.

“So Are Keys Fitness Treadmills
Worth Your Money?”

Another problem when training clients on these treadmills is the fact that it makes a lot of noise when someone starts even just a slow jogging motion.

A number of these treadmills retail for around $1000 but if you plan on using it on a regular basis, which you have to in order to improve your health and fitness, then it would be suggested to look at a more expensive model.

While most treadmills are made for a wide range of individuals to cater to different needs and budgets and the cheap keys treadmills do have outstanding warranties, as said before they do seem to have problems that interrupt your exercise.

Before you buy one, consider some alternatives to the keys treadmills mentioned here that have proven to last and perform under extensive use.

The company that makes this brand of treadmills actually makes a lot of other brand name treadmills, but there's not much difference in quality.

Remember this important point, when it comes to treadmills you really do get what you pay for. Cheaper ones are not better.

The very best recommendation is both from a convenience and savings perspective….

There is essentially a big difference in quality between the cheaper keys fitness treadmills and other more reliable models.

Here is something else to keep in mind...

Walking outside will burn more calories than walking on any treadmill!

Even if you raise the incline on the treadmill you will still use more muscle walking in fresh air.

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