Lat Workout

by Ray Davis
(Cuddebackville, NY, USA)

Hi there, I am 57 years old and 5'6" tall and began working out a year ago in January. My weight last year was 130lbs and now I'm up to 150lbs, and I have made nice gains in my arms and upper body. I workout 4 days a week for approximately 30 to 45min depending on what I'm working on.

I am still in the bulking stage so I'm not concerned about a 6pack yet. All in good time I guess. My goal is to get my weight up to around 175 or 180lbs with about 10% BF, and develop huge lats. Presently my Lat routine is basically simple, i will do 3 or 4 sets of shrugs 25reps with a curling bar and then a few similar sets with the dumbells and finish with a few sets of wide grip and close grip lat pulldowns once a week.

I have noticed my lats are growing but maybe not at the rate I'm expecting. My question is, am I on the right track or am I just being impatient with my expectations. I am not using a gym for my routines because I have converted a spare bedroom in my home and set up my own gym, so I can workout whenever I want and and not have to wait for equipment at a gym.

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