Leg Rolls - Wall Sits - Plie Squats And Barbell Squats

Leg Rolls...

Lie on your side, fully stretched out.

With one hand, support your head and with the other place it out in front of you for balance.

Then move your leg in a circular movement, as if you are drawing a circle with your leg.

Build up to 60 rolls each leg. Though start with 10 each leg.

Do 5 going forward, 5 going backwards.

After about a week and a half, you should be able to do 60 each leg!!

I am seeing results from this, as my leg muscles are becoming more defined.

Wall Sits...

Put your back against a wall and squat until your legs are parallel to the floor. This exercise doesn't make you bulky it actually slims the lower outer thigh and firms it up.

This is common for women's basketball players. Use a stopwatch (my cell phone has a stopwatch) and time yourself each day. Log the times and you should improve with a greater time. If your legs seem weak afterward, they are, lie on the floor and lift your legs a few times each. This is a good cool down. Good Luck!

Plie Squats...

I am a personal trainer and have found that the number one exercise my female clients rave about is the plie squat. Simple stand with your feet a little further than hip width apart and turn your toes outward. From here squat down so your knees are at 90 degrees. By turning your toes outwards slightly your inner thigh muscles are instantly targeted.

You'll have hot thighs in no time!

Barbell Squats...

NEVER take your heels off the floor. this is very bad form, I've taken weight training for two years, and you should never ever take your heels off the floor.

It makes you unbalanced for one, two, you could pull a muscle (usually calf muscles) and three: ALWAYS HAVE A BUDDY! Even if you are going light, you never know when you will loose your balance and fall backwards or even forwards with the bar on your shoulders.

Thanks for reading, and I hope you take my advice.

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