Mack's Home Workout

by Mack
(Red Deer, Alberta, Canada)

I workout from home. Nowhere else. All I use is my own bodyweight and a barbell. No squat racks, no benches, just a hand full of tried and true exercises and my own ingenuity. I do a full body workout everyday.

I train for function, not form. Form always follows function. I do exercises such as deadlifts, wall sits with extra weight, pushups, military press and much more. My workout is simple,yet intense and hard. My strength from this kind of a workout has increased immensely.

I can do 12 handstand pushups, incline one-arm pushups, one arm deadlifts, and more. I am not a fitness guru, or a body builder; just an average joe. I know what works for me.

My dad has an extremely physically demanding job that requires a lot of strength, yet I am now stronger than him! And I am only 18. If you like your split routines and plasma tv's, then fine. But I can tell you, this will make you eat lightning and crap thunder!

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