A Real Man Fitness Plan

Get in the best shape of your life with man fitness tactics that are easy and quick. These fitness results come from fitness training that incorporates every single aspect of resistance training, cardiovascular training and supplements.

There are many areas that you need to pay attention to when trying to get into the best shape and health of your life. This includes the ability to warm up properly and learning how and when to stretch your muscles.

You also need to know what periodization is and how to incorporate it properly, what tempo you should lift weights at, along with how to cool down your body when finished.

Almost any resistance training (weight lifting) will improve fitness, increase your strength and lean muscle, to a certain extent at least.

Unfortunately just lifting weights, without a specific plan won't lead to the man fitness results you're looking for.

In addition, it certainly won't produce anything more than a very short-term solution.

The only way you can ensure that you reach your man fitness goals and maintain them long term is to start out on the right track and stay dedicated and focused. That is what we will try to help you with here.

Before we take a look at any Fitness Training Programs and strategies there are some things that you must understand.

First, you need to understand the importance of warming up your muscles, joints, organs and tendons.

It simply doesn’t matter if you are planning an almost zero intensity Home Fitness Training program or a very high intensity workout, you have to warm up first.

This is very important because it will keep you safe, help you to prevent any muscle tears, joint problems etc. and it actually helps you reach your fitness results sooner.

A warm body with your blood flowing properly will help your muscles loosen up and become more expandable while you workout and during recovery. When warm blood is traveling throughout your muscle tissue it also helps to eliminate waste products from your system and gets the nutrients to where they are needed in a timely fashion which is very important when trying to build muscle.

In order for any Types Of Fitness Training to give you the full results and benefits they are meant to, you have to warm up using a couple diverse methods in order to have your blood flowing properly to help get your muscle fibers, etc. ready for the exercise ahead.

The first and easiest way is to do light cardio for up to 10 minutes. Do not do any more of a cardio warm up than this before you start lifting weights or getting into your workout. If you do, you will just end up draining your muscles to the point where your exercise session will be diminished.

If you do your Fitness Training At Home you could do very simple things such as taking a quick walk or short jog outside. But if you do workout at home you need a lot more Home Fitness Training Hints than just advice on how to warm up properly.

If you’re at a gym just use one of the exercise bikes or walk at a quick pace on the treadmill.

Once you have completed this part then stretch your muscles a little bit. Again don’t do too much at this point, just a little bit will do.

Now that this is finished you need to go on to the second warm-up method. Choose your first exercise and if it involves weights, then do that exercise once for around 15 repetitions with no more than 50 percent of your starting weight.

"Man Fitness Exercise Selection"

For you to be successful with any custom fitness program you have to have, at the very minimum, one very good weight lifting exercise for each and every muscle group. This is required in order to prevent any muscle imbalances and to promote over-all body enhancement.

What exercises you do first, second, third, etc. is a key point of Functional Fitness Training and will go a long way to helping you see your goals quicker. You can’t just do your exercises in any sequence you please and expect to see good results.

You should work your large muscles before the smaller ones. Doing it this way will ensure that you will have all the energy you need along with all the muscle fibers needed to lift the weights. Your assistor and stabilizer muscles will also be available to assist the larger muscles to lift more weight.

"Man Fitness Training Tempo"

The velocity or speed that you lift weights is also a very critical aspect of any successful man fitness program. Also known as tempo, it is one area that is often over-looked, but it must not be.

How fast you raise and lower the weight along with how long you pause between these two parts plays a key role in how quickly you will build muscle and how strong you can become. It also plays a role in injury prevention.

Among other things, if you lift weights too quickly you will not allow your blood to flow adequately to your muscles.

By lifting slower and in a controlled manner you will force your muscles to do the work which in turn will force them to adapt and grow.

Whatever or tempo you decide on that is best for you it is a good idea to lower the weight slower than raising it.

"Man Fitness Tips And Techniques"

Here are a few additional Fitness Training Tips that will help you a little more.

If you try to lift weights that are too heavy, you will most likely end up using very bad lifting form with can lead to serious injuries. It will also prevent you from achieving your muscle building goals.

You can also use bad form and not know it if you do any of the following:

  • Bounce the bar against your chest during any bench press exercise;
  • Let your hips help you to lift any weight;
  • Arch your back while lifting;
  • Lift at a tempo that is continually fast.

Here’s another man fitness tip: Learn about measuring fitness levels to make sure that your training is giving you the results you want.

"Man Fitness Range Of Motion"

A full range of motion must be used on every exercise you do. This will help you to build strength in all the muscle fibers you are using. It will also help you to develop your muscles in a much shorter time frame.

By using an appropriate and complete range of motion you will also gently stretch your opposing muscle groups. While working your hamstrings you will stretch your quads as long as your go through the full range.

You will also become more flexible which is another added benefit.

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