My Home Fitness Training Advice

I train at home because this is convenient for me in many ways. Firstly I am interested in training for strength and fitness.

Therefore I feel all workouts must be practical and beneficial to the individual needs of everyone. As a result I train power lifting with other things for strength as this is the best thing for this aim. Also running because arguably this is the best thing for fitness.

I use weights at home and go to my local sports field which used to be my school, to run. As you can probably see there is no need for me to use a gym. I have no need for umpteen machines that are always inferior to free weights and have little absolute strength value.

As for treadmills why would anyone use them instead of running outside where there are more variables and the run is more enjoyable because you have more things to see hear feel and also you will get somewhere faster if need be.

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