A Very Successful Equipment Company Makes Nautilus Treadmills But Should That Matter?

A couple different exercise equipment companies make nautilus treadmills.

The lower end ones are made by DF Hebb while the higher-end and more impressive ones are made in the same location that produces the very popular and well-known stairmasters.

In general all of them are highly rated and recommended.

Of course, it really will depend on exactly what you want a treadmill for that will be the deciding factor in purchasing either one of the nautilus treadmills or some other brand.

As with all treadmills you do pay a little extra for the well-known name or brand, but in certain cases, it may be worth it.

Most of the nautilus treadmills, especially the more expensive ones, are made extremely well, will do what you want, whether that's running a fast pace, jogging or walking to get into shape and improve your health.

"What Makes The Nautilus Treadmills Better?"

Let's take a look at some of the features you can get with the various nautilus treadmills and go over each point:

  • Nautilus uses 3" precision-machined rollers which reduce the noise and vibration during use. This is a decent benefit because the smoothness of a treadmill is important regardless of the type of cardio exercise you are doing on it. In addition, some treadmills can get quite noisy so the reduction of noise with the nautilus is a good feature.

  • They claim to have the largest available running surface in a home treadmill. This is something that not enough cardio equipment companies have been doing.

    For anyone who is over about 5'10" tall, most treadmills can be difficult to run on because of the smaller surface. With the nautilus treadmills this is no longer a problem. It makes running, jogging or walking a lot more comfortable and less confining.

  • Nautilus uses what is called a ReACT® absorption control technology. Basically what this means is that the cushioning system on the running surface is advanced (therefore more expensive) and will be a lot easier on your joints (knees, ankles, hips) and your back.

  • Most can be equipped with a walking belt that's up to 3 times thicker than what you'd find on a lot of other treadmills. This does add to the comfort and the long-term life span of the walking belt.

  • The speed that you can get up to on this brand of treadmill is quite good indeed. You can adjust your speed anywhere from 0.5 mph all the way up to 12 mph. This is more than you can get with some other brands in the same price range.

  • You can also find a decent incline Range on most of the nautilus models. Anywhere from a 0% grade all the way up to a 15% grade, which will give you the feeling of walking or jogging up a steep hill.

  • The time-based programs you can get are more than some other models. You can get up to 12 preset programs and can make an addition 3 custom programs yourself. It's great if you tend to get bored quite often while doing cardio.

  • In addition to the programs mentioned above, unlike a lot of other treadmill brands, the nautilus can also be equipped with distance based programs. This will allow you to train over distances of 5K & 10K, 13.1 & 26.2 miles.

  • Like most, this brand comes with various heart rate programs. A good feature, but nothing different from other treadmills.

  • Continuing on with the above point, this brand also comes with a wireless heart rate monitor system and a chest strap.

  • Larger people will like this next feature because the user weight limit is all the way up to 400 pounds as compared to other models in the same price range that only have a limit of up to 275 pounds.

  • The 3.0 horse power motor is good feature as well and will ensure you will be able to get the maximum cardio workout.

  • The warranty is pretty standard in this category with a lifetime warranty on the frame of this brand of treadmill, ten years on the parts and a 365 day labor warranty.

Nautilus treadmills will, for the most part, give you a lot of value for your money. They're built well and can perform great over the long term.

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