Learn The Difference Between Omega 3 Fish Oils And Other Fish Oils

One of the most popular supplements over the past number of years are omega 3 fish oils, and there are good reasons why so many people take this product.

There are a number of different health benefits and more research has been done to prove this fact over and over. The proof of the benefits and lack of omega 3 side effects is now very vast.

One thing to realize is that while it may be possible to get some of the important substances of omega 3 from plant seed oils such as flax seeds you may actually not get these valuable substances even if you take flax seed oil every day!

So, the only way to ensure that you get the of omega 3 benefits is to take it directly in the form of the best fish oil supplement!

There are so many terrific omega 3 benefits from fish oils that have been validated by highly regarded published clinical studies.

"Omega 3 Benefits"

Here are just some of the main benefits:

  • Omega 3 oils from fish have been proven in many clinical studies to benefit heart health and is also supported by the American Heart Association guidelines.
  • It has been found that fish oils with omega 3 help to lower triglycerides. The effectiveness fish oils have in lowering blood triglycerides that are known to be a risk factor for cardiovascular disease have been supported very well in many clinical studies.
  • The best fish oil supplement has been shown to help lower cases of high blood pressure due to cardiovascular disease. It specifically helps to reduce high cholesterol.
  • It will also help to prevent blood clots.
  • It has been shown to lower heart rates and also prevent arrhythmias (disturbances of the normal rhythm in the heart's beating). This helps a lot to decrease your likelihood of dying from a sudden heart attack.
  • It helpw to stimulate your blood circulation and avoid problems varicose veins and Raynauds disease.
  • It will also benefit you greatly if you suffer from depression. A lack of omega 3 has been linked to depression.
  • Many studies have proven that fish oils improve your brain function. In addition, taking omega 3 fish oils has been linked to a lower risk of developing Alzheimer's disease.
  • Taking fish oils while pregnant may also protect babies against developing different types of allergies such as hay fever, sinus infections, asthma, food allergies and allergic skin conditions such as hives and eczema.
  • They also have some very specific health benefits including helping to lower the risk of cardiovascular disease and osteoporosis in post-menopausal women. Menstrual pain is also reduced when using fish oils.

"Don't Confuse Cod Liver Oil With
Omega 3 Fish Oils"

Don't make the mistake of thinking that cod liver oil is the same as omega 3 fish oils, because the makeup of the two is very different.

omega 3 fish oils

It is important that you distinguish between the two. Cod liver oil is not the best fish oil supplement.

Cod liver oil comes from the liver whereas the ordinary fish oil comes from the body of the fish. Cod liver oil as you may already know is very high in Vitamin A and it is very easy to overdose in Vitamin A with possible negative implications for your bones.

"Only Certain Types Of Omega 3 Fish Oils
Do Not Have Pollutants!"

The best and most pure forms of fish oils come from the southern oceans of the world. The reason that fish oils are much better in this location, as opposed to other areas, is that there are no forms of industrial pollutants.

But even though the fish oils from this part of the ocean are pure and pollutant free, they still go through extensive molecular distillation processes to remove any form of contamination at all, whether that be natural or man made.

All that the process of molecular distillation means is that the fish oils are placed in scientific instruments that spin around at very fast speeds to separate any toxic substances from the healthy oils.

"The Bottom Line On Omega 3 Fish Oils"

To get all the healthy omega 3 benefits, make sure you buy best fish oil supplement that has been molecularly distilled and even better, you should buy one that is from a source that is as least likely to be contaminated as possible to start with.

The omega 3 benefits from fish oils are many and have been documented numerous times. They are so important that in order for you and your family to remain healthy, you and everyone in your family must use omega 3 fish oils on a daily basis.

The Best Fish Oil Supplement

The best fish oil supplement should use only a cold, deep water fish known as the Hoki that comes from the southern ocean of New Zealand, one of the most pure and pollutant free areas on earth. But again, don't confuse omega 3 fish oils with other fish oils.

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