What Personal Trainer Jobs
Should You Be Looking At?

The best personal trainer jobs are very few and far between.

There are some that will give you an opportunity to help clients of various skill levels while at the same time providing you with a secure, long-term income.

Before getting into specific personal training jobs lets review why there are so many different types available in the first place.

Almost everyone, regardless of age, is fast developing into a health conscious person. It's about time because of so many positive benefits attained from fitness.

Fit conscious people more often than not, have more positive outlook on life as opposed to people who don't exercise.

Fitness improves self-esteem and contributes to increased confidence.

There are many reasons why most people look for personal trainers to help them improve both their health and fitness.
This creates an endless number of jobs for you.

Most personal training will involve you conducting fitness activities such as various types of aerobic activities, sports conditioning, sports training techniques, kickboxing, weight training, strength training, etc. for most, if not all of your clients.

"Responsibilities Included With Most
Personal Training Jobs"

Personal trainer jobs need to be left to the trainer. Not another staff member who exercises. Only you as a fitness trainer can provide the leadership and knowledge to your clients.

These types of jobs will require the proper knowledge, skill and experience to assist clients of all types and health conditions. Getting into shape is a hard job and as such usually takes a personal trainer to provide the proper guidance.

Personal trainer jobs will also require nutritional knowledge and guidance for clients. However, if you don't have the right education, then get it before you apply for personal training that require it. Don't try to "fake" your way through it.

Remember, as a trainer you should apply for jobs that will require you to be only a personal trainer, unless of course your job is as an independent trainer.

Avoid the personal trainer jobs that will have you working in fitness sales for the company you work for. This is a problem with a lot of personal training. As a trainer your only concern should be with getting your clients the results they want in a safe and effective manner.

"Some Of The Places You
Can Find Personal Trainer Jobs"

  • Sports Teams Of All Types: Both Professional & Amateur

  • Corporations: Most large companies, and many smaller ones, realize that healthy, fit employees are very good for business. Therefore, a very large percentage of them have added fitness training centers in their buildings for all their employees to take advantage of.

    The problem with corporate fitness centers is that they don't have the qualified people to run them. This is where personal trainers come in. These fitness centers don't need any sales or front desk staff – they need personal trainers. The jobs available here are almost endless;

  • Gyms, Fitness Centers, Health Clubs (or whatever you want to call them): New locations are popping up all the time. With more and more people wanting to get healthy and fit, you'll always find fitness jobs in these locations.

  • As An Independent Trainer (your best option): There is nothing more profitable than being an independent trainer. It is much harder to get started and takes a lot of work and dedication on your part to get started but in the long-term it’s much better.

  • Some High Schools: There are personal training jobs available at various high schools. Check out the high schools in your area.

  • Colleges & Universities: Same as above.

  • Holiday Resorts: People involved in fitness training will continue with their fitness programs when on vacation. If you live in a resort area, you'll have an easy time finding personal trainer jobs.

  • Your Own Personal Trainer Boot Camp: This is something that you can operate as a personal trainer or when working as a trainer for any business.

  • Different Types Of Health Organizations: Check out every type of health organization in your area. Chances are some will be offering training jobs.

  • Rehabilitation Centers: Same as above. It won't hurt to check them out.

Start Your Own Personal Trainer Business And Forget About All Other Personal Training Jobs

You can find personal training jobs almost anywhere. From large cities to small towns, the fitness training jobs are there. However the best thing you could do is to start your own personal training business.

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