Do You Use Serum Creatine?

There now seems to be more questions with serum creatine than any other type of creatine. A lot of people have reported many differences with different brands of this type of creatine.

The question has often been brought up asking if one type was legit and the other was not. A popular brand is one that is in a transparent red liquid form, about the consistency of cough syrup. It does not need to be shaken.

serum creatine

A second seems to have the creatine powder visible floating in it. With this one you had to shake it pretty vigorously and then take it before the powder separates from the liquid.

Do any of these appear to be like a typical serum creatine? If one of them is a rip off, you would probably want to know which one it was.

If you have ever taken any type of, or brand of this form of creatine then you probably will not like the facts on this product. The fact is that neither of the products mentioned have actually proven in any legitimate research to have any of the value proven with creatine monohydrate powder.

The whole idea of serum was a more of a marketing ploy than anything else, suggesting that the creatine somehow gets transported into the muscles quicker or more efficiently.

"Down-sides Of Serum Creatine"

The sad truth is, creatine is just not stable in liquid. Within minutes of it coming into contact with water it begins to break down into creatinine, a waste product therefore increasing your actual creatinine levels.

High creatinine levels are not dangerous, but it doesn’t actually have any strength building value.

In the original serum products they mixed creatine not only with colored water but also with honey and glycerin, both of which elevate blood sugar. It’s the blood sugar spike that most likely makes people believe it’s working.

What some of the serum imitators have done to alleviate their legitimate concerns regarding the creatine stability is "coat" the creatine.

However, if it isn’t absorbed into the liquid in a bottle it isn’t going to be absorbed efficiently through the digestive tract and utilized in the bloodstream. The best thing to do is to put creatine monohydrate powder in water and use it for four to six weeks to see if it works for you.

The serum products are not worth the cost.

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