So Many Personal Training Certifications To Choose From!

by Keely


I'm confused about what personal training certifications are the best. I recently relocated from California to Oklahoma... (yes, I really did :). I want to become certified in Pilates and Yoga, as I have been practicing both for 12 years and then also get my Personal Training certification.

Being in my location I need to do this online and I am overwhelmed with the choices and confused about which personal training certifications are most widely accepted and recognized. I was looking at NESTA's Sport Yoga and Spencer Pilates program, but haven't heard their names as much as some of the others..

Can anyone help me??

confused and cold in Oklahoma...

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Personal Trainers Certification
by: Mesfin


If you want to become certified personal trainer, you ought to go with National Strength and conditioning Association (NSCA). They are exam is extremely challenging but worth it. They are by far the best in the nation.

You can also augment your qualification by taking their advance certificate known as Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) which is a great thing for your career. They do a great deal of the scientific research in the field and thus, they set the standard and trend of fitness in the industry.

I strongly encourage you to check out their website and call them and talk to them. They are excellent because of the substance of their training curriculum. Books and study materials will cost you in the upwards of 600 to 700 dollars but is worth every penny.

Good luck in your search and I have walked in your shoes about two years ago and did extensive research before I decided on NSCA. So I want to save you the time and money. If you have further question, feel free to ask.

Again good luck

by: Warrior

Keely, if it is a personal trainer certification you are seeking, your best option is NSCA, NASM, ACSM. These three are recognized nationwide as having the toughest standards and you can not get them via an online certification.

They require extensive study (minimum 3 months)and the exams are difficult to pass. However, they are worth the investment and will reap huge rewards in the personal training career field.

My personal opinion about the online certification for any fitness program is you get what you pay for and most good employers will be suspicious of the "online certification". I have friends who have asked me the same question you have posted here and I tell them them that I would not want to be trained by someone who was certified online.

NESTA, AFFA, IFFA are all weekend certification courses and will provide very basic knowledge and I would use those as a supplement to my primary certification. But if you want to be respected in this industry, get one of the big three.

NSCA Personal Training Certifications
by: Duane Powell

In response to your personal training question, I see that the other comments agree. The NSCA is by far the top notch personal training certification. I personally am taking an online course with PCI (the Pinnacle Career Institute) located in Kansas City, MO.

It's a 10 month course That certifies you through the NSCA, but also educates you in anatomy, business, nutrition..etc. Its a great online course. Take a look at their website and see for yourself. But you can also just go through the NSCA and get certified yourself, but it will be on your own and the test is pretty hard to pass. So good luck on becoming a personal trainer and I hope this helps you out some :-)

Nesta sports yoga is ideal
by: Anonymous


I would advice you to try NESTA SPORTS YOGA by Kelli Pevailli. i was amazed on how the DVD's and course manual were put together. It was easy to practice and follow practically as much as you want to review it.

I attended a 200hour teacher training bench mark but to be honest it went so fast that you can't rewind nor ask the instructor to reverse back in motion since it was a 3 week certification. With a Nesta sport yoga there is no recertication after you've taken the test; all materials is at your finger tips and they were willing to support me through out my course without an extra charge.

I would recommend it for anyone practicing yoga for a while as you would benefit more. The longer you practice yoga as in your 12 years practice. The easier it is for you to comprehend the materials.

Currently there is no legal authority body governing Yoga if this is what you are concerned about. Yoga is a 5000yrs tradition among the Kemetics which has just found its way into the west. Irrespective of whom ever you learn with either be online, studio or a retreat camp..its always a honor but mind you should always make sure they have the creditial of studies of a reputable lineage of instructors that were former or continuous students of reputable disciplined yogini master.

Yoga is lineage tradition and cannot be hijacked by alliance and certificate hanging on the wall.
Its a new phenomenon emerging from the west.

The more you teach the more experience you become and the more you learn the more discipline you become to teach. The choice of yoga style and school of thought is an individual choice. Yoga is about giving and not to be affilated with a multimillion $ mega biz. Lastly, Yoga adapts

I rest my comments!

Nesta Sports yoga graduate
Raleigh, North Carolina

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