The Southbeachdiet Is Not Unique...

In Fact These Concepts Have
Been Around For A Long Time

Yes, the southbeachdiet will probably work for you but it's nothing new. The south beach diet plan is basically very popular because the doctor who wrote the book was able to get on T.V.

The south beach diet plan itself is a fairly new program but its theory has been around for a very long time.

The basic idea behind the south beach diet book is that you progress over a series of stages of dieting.

Most other diet programs have you do the same thing.

The big thing that you need to realize here with this diet is that people involved in fitness have been using the exact same type of diet for a very, very long time.

The only reason that people are listening to the author of the southbeachdiet and haven't been listening to fitness professionals for the past few decades is the fact that the author of the south beach diet plan is a doctor.

However, this may be a good thing because it will get a lot more people to start eating better and living longer. But as you will see later, there is a lot more to burning body fat than just the southbeachdiet.

In the first part you have to cut out almost all carbohydrates, especially simple sugars, etc.

It's during this part of the diet plan where the author claims you will lose "somewhere between 8 and 13 pounds". Sorry to dampen your enthusiasm for the south beach diet plan, but this weight loss is due to water weight.

At any time you reduce or eliminate simple carbohydrates you will lose body weight. The less carbohydrates in your body, the less you'll weigh.

"South Beach Diet Review"

The first part of the south beach diet plan requires you to just eat high protein, low fat and low carbohydrates such as vegetables.

The next parts of the diet allow you to reintroduce some carbohydrates to your diet. This is fine because all you are doing is eating low calorie, healthy carbohydrates and still staying away from the simple sugars.

In short, the south beach diet plan claims to promote rapid initial weight loss of 8-13 pounds in 14 days, but the reality is that this is all water weight not body fat.

So if you stop after you lose this much body weight, you will in fact have done nothing and the weight will come back on as soon as you eat any simple carbohydrates again.

In the southbeachdiet you will have to avoid meals that contain medium to high amounts of fat and medium to high amounts of carbohydrates. This is something that is considered basic because as everyone knows the common diet is made up of fats and carbohydrates.

Meals like this are a main cause of obesity. The reason you should avoid this type of meal is that it can actually promote a high insulin release resulting in ample fat storage.

The real key to burning body fat, not just losing scale weight, is to be able to lose fat after the initial 14 to 30 days after the water loss has balanced out on the south beach book.

If you are just relying on the diet plan and not exercising it will be a very long time indeed before you see any results. Just because a doctor who gets on television writes the south beach book, or any other diet for that matter, it doesn't mean that the diet is perfect.

Again, there is absolutely nothing new about the diet. It works to a certain extent to improve your health and it can, over a very long period of time, help you to lose some body fat.

There are a lot of positive features, as anyone who has been involved in fitness and exercise will tell you. The diet is also very easy to follow and is filled with healthy and proper recipes and meal combinations.

We also agree fully with some of the information concerning carbohydrates, fat, and protein in the diet but in order for you to make a change in your physical appearance you need to exercise properly while using the diet.

Because the south beach diet plan was written by a doctor it is possible that more people will finally realize that some things work.

The author of the book admits that he is not a nutritionist or fitness or weight loss professional, which is unfortunate because with in-depth knowledge of fitness, the southbeachdiet really could make an impressive difference for those who choose to try it.

The diet plan contains the same diet information all good health fitness and weight loss professionals have been suggesting for years.

"SouthBeachDiet - Final Thoughts"

In short, there is really no difference what so ever between the southbeachdiet and other dieting programs. One difference, as has been mentioned before, is that the public will listen to a doctor more than they will listen to or trust any other person talking about weight loss.

This is one of the few good diet books or diet programs on the market. But the fact remains that this is what all other weight loss & fitness professionals have been trying to explain to the general public for years.

Here is what you can take from this south beach diet review: Well while there is nothing revolutionary about the south beach diet plan, it will work to a certain extent. This diet is for anyone who wants to drop body weight.

Unfortunately, most of the body weight you will lose in the first few months is water weight so if you want to change your physical appearance and burn off body fat, with the southbeachdiet, it will take you an extremely long time unless you combine it with exercise.

Almost all diets like the southbeachdiet will work to a certain extent. The southbeachdiet included. The determining factor of how good both your physical results and your health results will be; is exercise.

People involved in regular fitness, especially those who have seen the greatest results have always used a diet similar to this one. The difference is that they also use better alternatives or additions.

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