The Wrong Body Building Technique Can Be Disasterous

by Dalbara Singh
(Jalandhar India)

I became motivated towards body building about 2 years back. There was no qualified person available to teach the right technique in the local gym.

In my blind enthusaism I started doing heavy execises for a quick result. After a few weeks I realised that my right upper arm started becomimg weak and thinner. So much so that I could not even comb my hair with the right hand. I consulted lot of doctors who all prescrided lot of investgaions but no daignosis could be made.

Fortunately I met a neurophysicain who examined me and without getting any tests done made a diagnosis of brachial plexus injury. He advised me to do few exercises. With lot of help from a physiotherapist I eventually gained strenght but my right upper limb is still weaker than the left.

Now I am very careful and I am doing exercises under the supervision of a qualified person. The idea behind telling this story is to emphasise that correct method must be followed in body builiding otherwise more harm can be done to the body.
Dalbara Singh

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