Thigh Exercises And Body Control Pilates

by Natalie
(Capreol, ON, Canada)

I used to do everything to tone my legs and nothing every really worked. Then I found Pilates. I quickly changed all about me, my eating habits, my exercise habits and my frame of mind.

Now my thighs are nicely sculpted along with all my body. You cannot, I repeat cannot tone only one part of your body it must be a total body conditioning and if you don't eat properly you can kiss any chance of toning good-bye.

Along with pilates I do cardio on the elliptical 4 times a week to burn off fat. Now I teach pilates. I have never found anything that works better than this. But please be advised if you are going to try this, start slow do not jump in to the hard moves or you will hurt yourself as your core is not strong enough yet.

And be patient it does not happen over night, but you will see improvement within 10 sessions or so. And I promise you will love your thighs and your whole body.

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