Thigh Exercises In Combination With A Knee Injury

by Jen

Most of these thigh exercises I cannot do because of a knee injury, squats and lunges in particular.

One I can do, that is not on here, is leg extensions with a Pilates band. This works the quads, but i was wondering if there was anything for all the thigh muscles or in particular inner thighs, that I can do? This cannot involve lunges or squats or too much weight baring on my left knee, thanks!


I have RA and also a damaged knee. I fell last week and could not get up because my thigh muscles have weekend, my RA doctor does not want me to stress my joints out , and so bam now my thigh muscles are weak.

Is there anything where I do not walk, (ankles and one foot) and that I do not stress my knee ( I need replacement in the future). I don't want the future this represents, I'm scared, I was always fit, it took me close to one hour to finally get myself off the kitchen floor,

I also have a very bad knee which causes me great discomfort at times. Among my workout routine I do include the squat and lunge and also use ankle weights. With all that I do (which is quite extensive) it has been a big help with my knee due to strengthening my legs.

I do not have any problems in carry through with the exercises as far as my knee is concerned. Maybe you should look into it more.

Good Luck!

Dear Jen, hi my name is Amanda Wright and I've already posted some thigh exercises using the low pulley cable machine in the gym on this site. Have a look, they may help.

In fact you may be able to replicate these moves with your band, or perhaps a light ankle weight. Otherwise another effective one, and without causing too much stress on the knees, is to lay on the floor, and place a stability ball, smaller one is more comfortable between your thighs and knees.

Start position is legs up towards ceiling, back flat on the floor, arms relaxed by your sides, constant breathing as you bring the ball down towards you and at the same time squeeze your inner thighs, pretend you are trying to burst the ball!

Try and hold and feel that contraction in your inner thighs, by holding it for 5 seconds. Exhale as you push the ball away from you, then repeat 10 /12 times, try to hold the contraction a little longer each time. Good luck.

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