Thigh Exercises Involving Biking And Small Concentric Circles In Your Pelvic Region

I have an exercise bike, the recumbent kind, and if you get a good extension and set the tension high, you work the inner thighs. Tighten your core muscles while you do this.

Another thing is to make small concentric circles with your pelvic region, not your hips, like you would to get a good hula hoop going but down further, you can feel the inner thighs working.

The thing to do is maintain 20 min. of aerobic exercise, get a good sweat going and get your heart rate up.

Then build muscles in the largest group areas, abs and butt and legs, the more muscle you have the higher your metabolism is. Remember muscle weights more than fat, so don't go by weight, go by how you look and feel.

Lower your calories but eat nutrient dense food, Vitamineral Green (not the caps, but the powder) and a good low fat, low carb (no white food i.e., potatoes, sugar, bread) and mostly veggies.

I've been on my own vegan diet (I'm a vegan, but I was baking too much) consisting of high protein, loads of veggies, low fat, and only good slow carbs (green veggies and as many colors as you can eat), and I've lost 14 lbs. in 2 weeks! This is without starving. When you eat nutrient dense food, the craving is not there.

Get plenty of B12 and the Flax for Omegas, good stuff!

Spot training doesn't work, but toning the muscle in areas of your body, since skin is attached to muscle, it does work after a long time.

I've been doing facial exercises too, those work. My face, even though I've lost a good bit, is toned and is heading up instead of down.

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